How to complete Chevalier’s sleep solution in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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in Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakYou will venture to Elgado Outpost. With this new adventure, you will encounter more powerful monsters, which means new materials and rewards. In addition, many new side quests will be available while playing in the main Sunbreak story.

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After completing the Tetranadon Blockade Urgent Quest, you can accept the side quest Chevalier’s Sleepy Solution from Selva in Elgado. Let’s take a look at how to complete this side quest, as well as the rewards.

Side quest for Chevalier’s sleepy solution

To complete this side quest, you will need to deliver one of the following items.

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  • x1 Turbo bag
  • x1 large baguette leather

These two materials can be obtained from Master Rank Great Baggi. Torpur sack he have 30% chance of undo as target reward of clear task, 20 percent chance of falling back as part of the break Reward from breaking headand 32% chance of falling from a body sculpt.

In general, the most effective way to get Torpor Sac’s is Big Buggy’s head broke before killing the monster. You will likely get at least one Torpor Sac in one or two hunts with this method.

Big buggy leather It is more common, with 36% chance to get it from the target rewarda 41 percent chance of getting it from graba 44% chance to get it from monster sculptAnd the 80% chance of getting it as a dropped material.

In general, getting Great Baggi Thickhide is almost guaranteed after hunting this beast, so you should have no problem getting this stuff. After obtaining these two materials, return to Silva in Elgado and fulfill the order.

Side Quests to Solve a Sleepy Chevalier – Rewards

After completing this side quest, you will get a recipe for Stealth dango supreme double blades. This is part of the forging tree and has the following stats.

  • Attack – 240
  • Max Sharpness – Blue
  • Element – sleep
  • Affinity – 0%
  • Defense bonus – 0
  • Slots – slot x1 2, slot x2 1, slot x1 Rampage

In addition, upon completion of Chevalier’s Sleepy solution, you will also receive Several heavy armored ballswhich can be used to upgrade your armor.

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