How to Complete the Spelunker Maintenance Task! Side mission in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak It brings many new things to see and do, expanding the world with new regions, hubs, monsters, and quests. Also among these new things are plenty of side quests that can offer rewards ranging from cosmetics to armor blueprints, allowing you to find ways to personalize your character and make them even more powerful.

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One of these side quests is “Spelunker maintenance mission!Which made you extract resources from collecting knots to get fancy new outfits for your cool Cohoot companion. While this task is only a cosmetic component for your owl friend, this task is quick and painless, allowing you to get in and out without feeling like a chore.

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Spelunker maintenance mission! Summary

despite of Spelunker maintenance mission! It is a relatively straightforward side quest that you will need to hit some prerequisites before you can perform the task. Luckily, You will naturally meet these requirements by progressing in the main story of Sunbreak, So it shouldn’t be too much trouble.


  • Get Outstanding Rank 4 ★
  • Urgent Task Survey: Find a Doctor
    • Lunagaron Slaughter (4 ★ Hub Quest)

Once the above requirements are met, you can finally accept the Spelunker maintenance job and take on the job! side goal. You can find everything you need to know about it in the table below, and full step-by-step instructions will be in the section right after that!

Task name Spelunker maintenance mission!
task giver Gatlin researcher
Site Elgado Outpost
Goal Hand in x3 iridescent bismuth prisms to Gatlin.
region lava caves
prize Cohoot Costume: Spelunker Crew

Spelunker maintenance mission! wandering

After accepting the assignment from Gatlin researcher, It’s time to head to lava caves Search for Bismuth iridescent prism. The best way to do this is to head to Elgado Outpost and talk to girl quest itself, Chichi. Once you get there, do the following steps:

  • Quest Counter > Center Quests: Master Rank > Expedition > Cave Tour

No matter what time you choose to explore Lava Caverns, but choosedayBeing on the safe side of things. Once loaded into the region, You will simply have to Collect three iridescent bismuth prisms to perform your duties. The location of the assembly nodes containing this substance can be found below.

Lava caves pool

The above image is showing Everywhere to accumulate resources in lava caves, which contains collection contract need mine Bismuth iridescent prism. In the game, these nodes are denoted by a purple raw symbol with a “?” on top. To make things easier to see, We marked the map with prominent orange stars on each collecting node that could contain the substance necessary for this endeavor. only from here Head to each of the iridescent ore mining deposits marked on the map and mine them until you get three iridescent bismuth prisms! Simple, isn’t it?

Starting with Sub-Camp 2, it will appear near two collection nodes. One would be just behind the camp, and the other would be just south of the camp, near a stone bridge.


After collecting three iridescent bismuth prisms, You can safely Exit the campaign And the Return to Elgado Outpost. Once here, go back to Gatlin researcher And the Turn in your quest to complete it. You will be rewarded with Spelunker crew costume for your gorgeous Kohut Companion!

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