How to Fish in Final Fantasy 14

How to unlock the fishing class in Final Fantasy 14.
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Final Fantasy 14 has many different classes you can choose from, including many that are non-combat oriented like fishing. Fishing is a great way to spend your time when you want to take a break from fighting mobs or running dungeons. All you need to do to get started is start the class quest.

How to Unlock the Fishing Class in Final Fantasy 14

To unlock the fishing class you will need to head to Limsa Lominsa and find the Fisherman’s Guild. The guild is located in the southern portion of the Lower Decks. Once there talk to the NPC with the marker above his head to start the quest “Way of the Fisher.” Afterward, you will be given your first rod and begin learning the ropes of the class.

You will travel all around the map to catch different types of fish, and you can expect a new fishing quest to unlock every five levels or so. Just like with regular classes, you will want to constantly equip better gear so that you can catch better fish. You will also unlock a variety of skills that you can use to make fishing easier or catch more fish at once.

The game has several different types of bait you can use, which will help determine what type of fish you catch. You do have to actively reel in fish, so this isn’t a crafting class that you can set up and then walk away from for an extended period of time. It also feels a bit more interactive than other crafting classes and is best treated as a nice change of pace to your normal gameplay.

There is also a fishing dungeon of sorts that involves Ocean Fishing where you can level up your skill quickly.

What is the point of fishing in Final Fantasy 14?

While you may not be making armor out of fish, they are an important ingredient in food crafting recipes. These become more valuable as you grow in levels, and many players will fish simply to try and get the rewards from deep-sea fishing, as well as the ones from the normal quests. You don’t have to fish if you don’t like it, but it’s there for those who do enjoy it.

Another driving force is the ability to fill your aquarium and make art out of the fish you catch. Both of these are used to decorate your room, and players can choose from multiple aquarium sizes to keep different types of fish in. While not everything you catch can be put on display, the ones you can add a bit of flair to your room.

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