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Season 13 of Apex Legends has many characters to choose from to enjoy its multiple maps. But who has the best season 13 check rates in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter?

Apex Legends hit Earth when it launched with eight different characters to choose from in the battle royale show. The game suffered a noticeable lull when Call of Duty: Warzone launched, but with many popular streaming devices like NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect continuing to support the game, Apex has grown rapidly.

There are now 21 different legends to choose from, giving players a headache before every game. Season 13 is almost over, and while Newcastle was the last to join the roster, Respawn has already started teasing the next legend.

Let’s take a look at how the new Legend shakes up the list by looking at the current Legend pick rates in Season 13, which give an idea of ​​who the most popular Legends are.

Apex Legends Season 13 Choose an ordered list

This is our complete list of every character selected in Apex Legends, and we’ve categorized them to let you know which one is a favourite.

This is all Apex Legends Season 13 pick rate ranked, As of July 22, 2022as per the state of Apex Legends:

  1. octane – 11%
  2. Valkyrie – 10.2%
  3. Wraith – 9.9%
  4. Pathfinder – 8.3%
  5. bloodhound – 8.2%
  6. horizon – 5.8%
  7. Bangalore – 5%
  8. Lifeline – 4.7%
  9. seer – 4.5%
  10. many – 3.8%
  11. fuse – 3.7%
  12. ash – 3.1%
  13. caustic – 3.1%
  14. Mirage – 3%
  15. Watson – 2.8%
  16. Tarek mountain – 2.7%
  17. Revenant – 2.6%
  18. a wall – 2.2%
  19. mad maggie – 2%
  20. cipher – 1.7%
  21. Newcastle – 1.6%

Most Picked Legends in Season 13 of Apex Legends

5. Bloodhounds – 8.2%

Top Hound Character Legends

Once again, with the influx of new Apex Legends players, the Bloodhound is a great character to use for new players in Season 13.

The Bloodhound almost always stays in and around the 8-11% mark as the season goes on, and they’re currently standing 8.2%. They are easily the best Recon class to use in Apex Legends, thanks to their amazing tracking tools and skills, plus their Beast of the Hunt Ultimate is invaluable.

4. Pathfinder 8.3%

Pathfinder gives a thumbs up in Apex Legends

Pathfinder has always been one of the top five picks in Apex Legends in 8.3%And, counting, for a while now.

As a Recon class, Pathfinder simply excels in moves and traverses the various game maps. The Grappling Hook and Zipline Gun are simply invaluable assets that will help any team in trouble – either because of the circuit or a third-party attitude. He has consistently managed to stay in the top five as a result.

3 – Wraith – 9.9 percent

Peak Legends Fold Character

Another start, Wraith has been a consistent choice throughout the life of Apex Legends, and she took third place with a mark 9.9% Season 13 pick rate.

Wraith’s standout features are her ability to get out of trouble very quickly – including her teammates. Her abilities allow her to sense danger, become temporarily invulnerable, and create portals to escape predicaments. It’s easy to see why Wraith continues to be a fan favorite in Apex Legends Season 13.

2 – Valkyrie – 10.2 per cent

Valkyrie Apex Legends

Despite having a few deficiencies, Valkyrie is the second most popular legend of season 13 with a 10.2% selection rate. The Queen’s Jetpack Passive action allows players to escape from any kind of situation, which is critical for survival.

In addition to its own Passive, Skyward Dive Ultimate is also great for navigation. This ability is the best rotation tool in all Apex Legends, as it allows her and the team to go from a bad situation or situation to a good one.

Finally, Valkyrie’s Tactical is also very useful for being aggressive and taking enemies out of camping sites, as long as you have enough space above you to launch a swarm of missiles.

1. Octane – 11% – Most Picked Legend in Season 13 of Apex Legends

The pinnacle of octane legends

with the 11% Picking rate, the speed demon takes first place again, and continues his reign as one of season 13’s most famous legends, swinging between the two highest places.

Aside from his entertaining banter, he is the perfect balance between attack and defense. Although considered an offensive legend, Octane can greatly increase enemy speed which is beneficial for both attack and escape.

But most Octane users thrive on his Launch Pad Ultimate which he can send and his friendly players in the air.

This covers all picks in Apex Legends Season 13. As always, buffs and nerfs will come and go throughout the season, changing game data, and therefore Legend pick rates.

We will make sure to update this regularly so you can stay informed in Pick and don’t forget to check out our guide on the best legends to choose from in Season 13.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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