How to make the most of National Bargain Hunting Week

National Bargain Hunting Week – a tradition dating back to 1996 – begins on Monday. With inflation rising 9% over the 12-month period ending in June, it appears to be an ideal year to get into the bargain bargain.

Rebecca Gramuglia, Consumer Expert at, recently shared tips for making the most of National Deal Hunting Week with Audacy.

What is National Bargain Hunting Week?

According to the National Today website created by marketing firm TOP, National Bargain Hunting Week “is the brainchild of author Debbie Keri-Brown,” a New York City native with family connections to the city’s Garment District, “giving her a unique recognition for a good deal.” .

Keri Brown, author of “Bargain Hunting in Central Ohio” and “Bargain Hunting in Columbus,” decided to dedicate a week to bargain hunting during the second week of August, which is also National Smile Week.

What’s wrong with inflation?

Increases in inflation indicate an increase in the consumer price index, an increase in the cost of popular goods and services.

When experts believe that inflation is growing too fast in the United States, the Federal Reserve increases interest rates. This method is expected to lower prices by making it difficult for consumers to borrow money, thus slowing down the economy.

A recent survey by found that 20% of Americans have returned something they only wore once to save money amid high inflation this year. A cross-section of 2,593 adults who were at least 18 years of age were included in the survey.

Last month, another Monmouth University survey showed that more than 42% of Americans said they struggle to stay where they are financially.

This month, lawmakers are working on legislation to tackle inflation.
President Joe Biden said he supports these efforts.

Tips to make the most of National Bargain Hunting Week

According to Gramuglia, there are four main things consumers should focus on if they want to get good deals: knowing the sale cycle, shopping for end-of-season sales, layering discounts and signing up for loyalty programs.

Grammoglia explained that stores often follow the same sales calendar each year. She recommends shoppers make a note of their favorite retailers’ sales time and wait to shop until then.

“For example, Nordstrom hosts an ‘Anniversary Sale’ event each year starting in mid-July, and historically Sephora hosts a ‘Savings Event’ once in the spring and once in the fall,” TopCashback said.

End-of-season sales are another way to find deals. As summer is about to end, shoppers may find seasonal summer items at a discount in August.

While a new set of lawn chairs may not be on the agenda for those considering school supplies and other back-to-school products this month, taking advantage of these sales can ensure they have “brand new chairs for next summer.” TopCashback.

“When it comes to clothing, summer pieces can still be worn through fall or even used in winter,” she added.

Another form of layering that can benefit bargain-minded shoppers is discount tiering. While it is not always possible to apply two discounts to a single purchase, shoppers should monitor their choices. These may come in the form of email offers, special coupons, and extended sales.

Consumers may also want to consider getting a credit card that offers cash rewards for another layer of savings. Shopping with software like TopCashback — which informs shoppers who download their browser extension if the site they’re on has coupons and deals — can also lead to more savings.

Loyalty programs can also help connect shoppers with deals with the retailers they visit often. These programs typically work by providing the store with an email address or phone number to which the store can send promotion notifications.

“Sometimes these deals are exclusive to loyalty club members or may only be available in the Store app, and depending on the program, you may earn points for coupons and free products with every purchase,” TopCashback said.

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