How to revive your spring clothes for pennies

After months of storage, our spring clothes, shoes, and jewelry can use freshness. Here, find the easy and affordable pro tips to restore it to its former glory.

Lift jewelry tarnish with a pencil eraser.

Copper and silver-plated jewelry can oxidize from body oils or moisture changes, causing green spots to appear on the metal on the necklace. To remove them: Gently rub the spots with the pencil eraser (avoid rubbing the gemstones), says Carrie Higgins, author of Organization Hacks (Buy from Amazon, $11.99) and blog Making Lemonade. Rubber instantly removes any deformation!

Remove lint and pet hair with a giant roller.

If dresses, shirts, shorts, and other items have collected dust or pet hair in the pantry and you have a lot of items that need lint removal, speed up the process by turning a paint roller into a very large lint roller! Simply stick the masking tape and roll it, sticky side out, around a clean cylinder, roll it over your clothes, and voila.

Bonus tip: Put the Fur Zapper in the washer (Buy at Chewy, $10.99). This neat tool sticks to the inner wall of the washing machine and collects lint while you wash your clothes!

Sneakers don’t smell like citrus peels.

Sneakers smell a little? Try putting a few lemon peels on, colored side up, and let it sit overnight. The white pulp absorbs moisture and odor, while the citrus scent refreshes the shoes, notes Becky Rabinchuk, founder of Clean Mama. Smart too: to protect sneakers from rain, rub the fabric with an unlit white tea candle, then use a hair dryer on high to melt the wax; Let it dry. The wax forms an invisible barrier that repels water!

Reshape sun hats with a quick swipe.

Has your favorite hat been squashed or ironed while sitting in a box all winter? Higgins’ tip: Fill a spray bottle with water and gently spray the hat inside and out, then set your hair dryer on low and use it to partially dry the hat. To finish, wear the hat for an hour or two. When dry, the hat molds properly to the shape of your head, removing any wrinkles in the process.

Freshen up moldy clothes with a vodka spray.

To deodorize dry-clean-only spring clothes at home, fill a spray bottle with ½ cup of water, 14 cups of vodka, and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Next, use it to lightly spray clothing, says Rapinchuk. Alcohol kills mold and odor-causing bacteria, freshens the scent of oil while its antibacterial properties disinfect – all without harming fabrics!

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This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Women’s World.

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