How, when and where to catch sturgeon in Stardew Valley

Sturgeon fishing is an important part of the advancement in Stardew Valley, both for the fish themselves and for making caviar.

One of the most annoying parts of Stardew Valley is completing fish packs. All of the packs are somewhat tricky simply because many of them are associated with exclusive crops for the season and foraging. Fish is on a whole other level.

Some fish are associated with specific times of the day or weather conditions. If you end up in the last few days of the season and your RNG isn’t producing rain, that’s too bad. You just don’t finish that package for another season or two.

Sturgeon is a source of great frustration for Stardew Valley players. Fishing is difficult, so it will probably be difficult for anyone who has not climbed to a higher level several times, and is tied to specific seasons and times of the day. Not only that, it is related not to two different packages but. As difficult as it may be, players will need to have one as the game progresses.

Here’s how to catch sturgeon in Stardew Valley and how to get caviar from it.

How to catch sturgeon in Stardew Valley

Players can fish for sturgeon in Stardew Valley by fishing in the mountain lake in summer or winter from 6 AM to 7 PM.

Sturgeon is a relatively rare fish in the mountain lake, so it is better to offer players waiting for a lucky day of fishing. If they have an unlucky day, there may only be one bite, and with fishing especially difficult, this is not a winning recipe.

Stardew Valley fishing best practices come into play in catching this challenging fish. Make sure you use the right tackle, bait increases the number of bites you’ll get, and a higher level in hunting law makes it very easy to secure a catch.

How to get caviar in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley caviar can be obtained by aging sturgeon roe in a preserved jar.

In order to get roe, players need a fish pond created by Robin. Catch a fish, drop it into the fish pond, it will gradually produce roe. The roe can then be put into a reserved jar and it will be stale roe after a few days, which comes at a higher selling price.

While most fish have a generic name for their ancient roe, aged sturgeon roe becomes caviar. Although caviar is incredibly expensive in real life, it is actually not that expensive in Stardew Valley, where the Lava Eel is the best fish to throw in aquariums.

Caviar is important to Stardew Vallye because it is one of the items used to turn an abandoned JojaMart into a movie theatre. This feature was added in update 1.4, and it’s worth a look for anyone who hasn’t touched the game in a while.

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