Hunt: Showdown: Best PvP Weapons

Hunt: Confrontation It offers a truly unique PVP experience. Players have a lot of options when choosing their gear. Weapons like the crown and the king have insane one-shot capabilities, but are incredibly difficult to use. On the other hand, guns like Winfield are easy to use, but may not do the damage to challenge higher level guns in the game.
This list will cover at least one weapon in each class and focus on the powerful and reliable options in PVP. Some weapons may kill faster, but the following options provide the consistency most hunters are looking for in-game.
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Updated September 29, 2021 by Payton Lott: There are a lot of viable weapons in Chase, And the level list of weapons is dense. Of course, more weapons will be provided to those at higher ranks. This list has been updated to include a few decent options for players at each experience level.
There have also been some balancing changes on certain weapons during the Hunt’s lifecycle. Both beginners and experts will be able to find quite a few weapons in this list that best suit their PvP style of play. The best weapons in Hunt Showdown are listed below.

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9 Winfield variants

Winfield is one of the best weapons in Confrontation Hunt For use in a medium range firefight. Almost every other weapon will come out in the around 20-30m class. Winfields Shoot fast and have a great iron sight for accurate shots. With all these advantages, and the fact that they are available early in the game, players will enjoy using the following Winfield variants:

  • Winfield M1873
  • Winfield M1873 C: Larger clip and ammo capacity with 10sec faster reload speed
  • Winfield Swift: Reload speed decreased to 6 seconds
  • Winfield Centennial: carries medium-range ammunition (velocity + 220 m / s)

8 Viterly 71 carbine

Not many players use Vetterli because it is seen as cheap Mosin. However, just because Mosin is more expensive does not mean that it is better in every respect. outside 60 meters, The Vetterli is one of the most effective and forgiving guns in the game. Up close, Winfield would win, and in the long run the LRR beats the Vetterli.
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In one of the most popular sharing domains, 60-150 meters, Vetterli competes with everything in Chase. It can be used up close as well, as it has amazing iron views. Players only need to create a distance when they hear Winfield.

7 Lebel . variables

The long-running debate over the Mosin VS Lebel is really a matter of preference. Lebel is unlocked earlier, and it’s more than a hundred dollars cheaper. In terms of damage, the two upper guns have nearly identical stats. Mosin has a slightly longer damage range when body shots are taken into account.
Players should consider using Lebel because of its 10-round magazine. With different customization options, players can consider whether they want to reduce the reload speed or increase the ammo capacity. In most categories, Lebel stacks up well against Mosin, and new players have more access to him.

  • Label 1886
  • Label Marksman: Portable at medium range
  • talon label: Buttstock with high melee damage

6 Romero 77

Among the guns, Romero has 77 guns Longest range, highest damage and best granule spread. This combination makes the weapon an excellent close-up. One well placed shell will kill the hunter.
Granule spread can be inconsistent in Chase, but Romero has the best spread in the class. The main drawback of the gun is that It can only fire one projectile before needing to reload. Fortunately, the reload speed is fast enough to be manageable. The key with this gun is hitting that first shot, because getting caught while reloading is a strong possibility.

5 96- Nabiha

The only nearby weapon that can beat Dolch is the Romero. However, the Dolch is more forgiving, with a large clip and semi-automatic fire. The Dolch can also compete with the Winfield at the mid-range, making it a versatile secondary weapon.
The bullet striker will really help players conserve ammo, as it can become a problem later in matches. All in all, Dolch is The most powerful weapon available in . format Chase. This may not be the most cost-effective, but players get what they pay for.

4 LRR / LRR Sniper Sparks

LRR is Long range tyrant. With a sniper scope, hunters can kill enemy players from a distance of more than 200 meters. In this range, there are few other weapons that have a similar effective damage range. This means that even if the enemy shoots and hits their head, unless they’re using an LRR, they can’t get a one-shot kill.
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In the medium and short term, the LLR is a bit of a liability. With only one shot before needing to re-chamber, hitting follow-up shots can be tricky. Must be the sniper used Exclusively from a distance to kill one shot.

3 Bow and crossbow

Using a crossbow is the best way to be a silent killer Chase. You will hit enemies once in the chest up to 25 metres. Beyond this range, you will kill poachers with a single shot to the head at a height of 45 metres. Unlike guns, The crossbow is more reliable up close because it does not spread. It can effectively kill enemies with a single shot from 0 to 45m. Shotguns are either a single-shot kill to the chest or a single shot to the head, making the crossbow a better choice at close range. When used correctly, the crossbow is one of the Confrontation Hunt The best weapons.
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All of these stats come with some flaws. Iron sights take some getting used to, and the rifle has a significant bullet drop at just 150 m/s. Likewise, the weapon’s reload speed is atrocious at 6 seconds. Using the bolt ejector feature will cut the time in half, but 3 seconds is still a long time. Realizing the full potential of a weapon requires skill, but those who can use it appropriately will have a lot of success.

2 Mosin Nagant M1891

With a single headshot capability of up to 250 meters and a high bullet velocity, the Mosin is a top-notch PVP weapon. It is best used as a hybrid between the long-range LRR and the fast-shooting Winfield. she has Fast gun reloading and cool iron sights Compared to many other weapons in the game. Almost unobserved effect values ​​do no harm either. The only glaring problem with the gun is Low ammo capacity 15 rounds.
In practice, the Mosin is better than the Lebel 1886. With lead rubber and stripper clamps, the Mosin will be reloaded faster. However, the Lebel has a higher bullet velocity and is a viable option as well. In the end, which rifle will be better has a lot to do with preference, as Lebel and Mosin are very similar in terms of condition.

1 Mosin Nagant Avtomat

Avtomat does everything a basic Mosin does, but better. Maybe Fired as a fully self-propelled weapon or utilized in a two-round blast. If both bullets hit the enemy’s chest blast, the gun will deal enough damage to bring them down. What results is an incredible chest time to kill from mid ranges.
The main problems with the weapon will be the additional effect of the weapon and the increased recoil. In fully automatic mode, Avtomat will run out of bullets in just a few seconds, so maintaining ammo becomes a challenge as well. However, the damage is worth it.
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