Hunter Renfrow’s Fantasy Football Predictions for the 2022 NFL Season

Hunter Renfrow was one of the superstars of the 2021 NFL season. The 2019 fifth-round draft pick took full advantage of the Raiders having so little playmaking talent on their roster, and they ended up being one of the favorites of quarterback Derek Carr all season.

Renfrow was an afterthought to many fantasy directors when it came time to draft last season, but now it’s on everyone’s radar. Having become a fantastic free agent for those who were lucky enough to land him, Renfrow is heading into the 2022 season as one of the top slot receivers in the NFL.

But the Raiders have undergone a lot of change in the off season, and that could affect Renfrow’s production. They have a new head coach at Josh McDaniels and a new talent at Davante Adams that could ultimately affect Renfrow’s fantastical predictions for the 2022 season. How productive can Renfrow be in 2022 with all these changes? Let’s take a look at his fantasy look for next season and get a better idea of ​​what we can expect from Renfrow this season.

Hunter Renfrow fantasy football predictions for 2022

Hunter Renfrow was gradually made more confident by Carr below center, and then when everything seemed to be descending for the Raiders, Renfrow stepped up and became a top-tier target for Carr. Renfrow’s totals from the 2021 season (103 REC, 1038 YDS, 9 TD) made him a fantastic free agent considering the number of people who drafted him in the first place.

Renfrow’s production from last season made him number 13 on the list of top fantasy receivers. If you had told anyone that Renfrew was a top 15 wide receiver when the season started, you would have laughed at him, but it was one of the biggest surprises of the 2021 season.

As the 2022 season approaches, Renfrow’s production may be back on the ground a bit. The Raiders have reloaded this season, and they now have plenty of talent in the gaming industry to help Carr and the rest of the attack. Adams is one of the league’s top receivers, which means he’ll be taking goals away from Renfrow, and Darren Waller’s characters will be more involved in attacking after he missed six games last season. Josh Jacobs is also a solid receiving option from the background, so Carr will have options unlike last season.

This will take the targets off Renfro immediately. He was frequently targeted because Carr often had no one else to throw at him. This won’t be an issue Carr is dealing with in 2022. He’ll have targets available to him at all times, and while that will increase the Raiders’ overall offense productivity, it will reduce Renfrow’s individual productivity.

However, it is not yet clear to what extent this will affect Renfrew. He still has to start every game as a Raiders slot recipient, and in the PPR tournaments, he’ll be the man Carr looks up to when he needs six yards at 3 and 5. It was in effect in 2021.

But Adams is likely to cap Hunter Renfrew. Adams can open up to all three levels of the field, and he regularly orders over 120 goals each season. There are only too many goals to do, and chances are that some of the goals Renfrew earned last season will go to Adams in 2022.

Renfrow will likely fall below the 25-30 range in terms of higher wide receivers in 2022. With Adams on board and Waller’s health, it’s not unreasonable to expect Renfrow to pull off 128 targets as it did last season. But he still has value, especially in the PPR tournaments, due to his prowess on short roads and his ability to play in the red.

The Renfrow floor is set as a solid hatch option that will get you plenty of receptions and occasionally find the end zone. Who knows, maybe Carr will keep him as involved in the offense as he was last season, and prove his 2021 campaign was no fluke. But the odds are not. While many receivers have plenty of upside and an uneasy ground in the range that Renfrow will be crafted, the Renfrow floor is set, but its upside is limited in 2022.

Renfrow will likely be taken between rounds 6-8, and could profile as a FLEX option with the WR2 going up. Renfrow is a very good insurance policy in the wide receiver, but when filling your seat there may simply be other options with a more upside than Renfrow, which is what you’re really looking for when you fill your seat. Renfrow might be a low hanging fruit if he falls off the board, but expecting a repeat of his 2021 campaign isn’t reasonable, and Hunter Renfrow’s fictional production should suffer as a result.

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