Hunters Dump Companion Hounds Along Hampton Roads, Virginia After Hunting Season

Hunters Dump Companion Hounds Along Hampton Roads, Virginia After Hunting Season

Hounds are being left in woods and roads, including along Hampton Roads in Virginia as part of an influx of post-hunting season dog abandonment cases over recent days.

An animal rescue group has suspected hunters to have dumped their companion hounds perceived to be unreliable or incompetent.

Dozens of the hunting dogs were abandoned but the challenge of finding each one a shelter proved to be an ordeal since animals are overcrowded in the area.

Voluntary adoption into a new home of the hounds is still being taken against the so-called method of euthanasia or mercy killing.

Animal Rescue in Virginia

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The Virginia animal rescue group Coastal Paws rescue has received multiple calls of hounds being dumped in the rural parts of Hampton Roads, Virginia, as per the WTVR local news.

However, dozens of abandoned dogs have no place to stay yet since animal shelters are overcrowded.

The Coastal Paws rescue is attempting to rule out the option of euthanasia since it is still seeking a home and adoption measures for the hounds.

The Virginia animal group said the hounds were left to fend for themselves but deserve a chance to have a conducive shelter and care.

The influx of hounds being abandoned along Hampton Roads had local authorities set their gaze on hunters and owners who reportedly abandoned the hounds when they deemed them not fit or capable enough to perform their roles based on their standards.

According to Raquel Linger, who runs Coastal Paws rescue, the group believes that hound owners abandoned their fur companions after the hunting season, as per WTKR local news.

Linger added dog abandonment cases involving hounds do occur between hunting seasons.

Potential talks of euthanasia are on the table due to the overcrowded animal shelters, but Linger has declined the practice to be implemented.

As a result, Linger and her animal rescue group gas created fosters to provide preventative care measures, including neuter surgeries.

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Hounds and Their Role

Hounds share a common ancestry of being used as a hunting dog consisting of certain physical and metabolic features designed for detecting and chasing an animal target, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The AKC emphasize hounds utilize their extraordinary sense of smell to track a scent and follow a trail.

Furthermore, other hounds possess great stamina to run for a prolonged period of time compared with other dog breeds.

Some of the examples of dog breed of hounds are the American Foxhound, American English Coonhound, Azawakh, Basenji, Basset Hound, Norwegian Elkhounds, and Pharaoh Hounds.

Hounds have been known to be a common companion of their owners, especially during the hunting season.

Related Cases in the US

Cases of dog abandonment or surrender do not only apply to hounds, but the practice has also been prevalent in other breeds of dogs and pet animals across the US over recent years.

The cause of abandonment ranges between personal reasons from owners and factors related to pet problems.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), approximately 6.5 million companion animals, including cats and dogs, are received by animal shelters across the US each year.

These animals can either be stray animals, rescued animals from abuse, or surrendered animals.

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