Hunting Trials Ranked Easiest To Hardest

Hunting Trials Ranked Easiest To Hardest

Horizon Forbidden West continues the tradition of Hunting Trials, but only one ranks as the most difficult in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn introduced the idea of ​​Hunting Grounds and Horizon Forbidden West has continued that trend, allowing players to test their skills in a variety of challenges across the map. These are specially designed so that each of Aloy’s abilities is highlighted in unique scenarios, with the backdrop of the gorgeously designed wilds of the franchise. While players will have different experiences based on how skilled they are, in general, some of these Hunting trials are far easier than others

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They are unlocked as the player progresses but not all of them will be conquered the first time around. Sometimes practice is key with these complex situations that may require the use of all kinds of weapons and tools from Aloy’s arsenal. Note that the Hunting Grounds are ranked and the individual tasks are ranked within them, with most of the grounds getting more challenging as the player moves forward.

4 The Daunt

The Daunt In Horizon Forbidden West

The Shock Trial is perhaps the easier Hunting Ground Trial within the title and the most straightforward of The Daunt area of ​​the map. It’s the second trial overall in the game and sees the player equip the Shock Warrior Bow to shoot the power pack on the back of the Scroungers. The only talent needed here is a great aim, Aloy also requires patience so that the enemies line up for multiple kills.

The Tear Trial continues to showcase that The Daunt is an easier area to conquer. It’s the first trial within the game and simply requires the player to attack the power pack on the back of a Scrounger with the regular weaponry available. It’s extremely straightforward and shouldn’t require much in the way of perfect timing. It’s pretty low stakes in regards to the deadline as well.

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The Daunt’s most difficult third challenge and one that feels reminiscent of the previous game is the Shock And Trap Trial. While it’s still pretty easy overall, it requires the player to first shock a machine before trapping them in a snare of their choosing. It’s a procedure that Aloy would have carried out plenty of times.

3 Sheerside Mountain

Sheerside Mountain in Horizon Forbidden West

The Frost Trial is a step up from what was seen in The Daunt, but like the rest of Sheerside Mountain isn’t too challenging yet. It’s number seven overall and sees Aloy freeze three Bellowbacks before destroying their weakest areas. The main issue here is having enough ammo available as it’s easy to quickly waste what’s to hand and have to craft more amid combat!

The Plasma Blast Trial is number nine in the order of the game and is a little more difficult because it forces the player to gain access to the Plasma Boltcaster. However, once it’s acquired all the player has to do is blast a dangerous Rollerback enough times until it explodes. It’s a straightforward battle but the player should always be aware of their surroundings so they are not caught off guard.

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The behind-the-scenes production team wanted even more interaction with the weapons which is why the Shredder Catch Trial was created, to showcase the Shredder Gauntlet in action. The player must use it to dispose of some machines, but this is a far more tactical display of skill since the player has to be able to quickly catch the returning projectile.


2 Plainsong

Plainsong in Horizon Forbidden West

The Plainsong Hunting Grounds steps up its challenges a notch as it requires some stealth capabilities. While certain attires might make this easier in some sense, overall it’s a tougher challenge. The Silent Looting Trial which is number four overall sees the player have to loot several boxes without being spotted, a slightly quicker task than the other two considering there is no destruction involved!

The Silent Strike Trial means that the player has to have a little bit more precision in their attack. The stealth element is still very much present as Aloy must kill three machines without alerting the others; a difficult task in any period of the game. This fifth trial moves it a gear upwards testing the layer’s ability to be both efficient and tactical in their approach!

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The Silent Gliding Trial requires the most concentration. The sixth entry into the Hunting Ground trials sees Aloy having to kill two machines by jumping from a height and then gliding in. While it’s easier to stay out of their field of view, the timing has to be perfect. It’s easy to miss and run down the clock or become exposed while trying to land in the right area.

1 The Raintrace

The Raintrace in Horizon Forbidden West

The easiest of the Raintrace Hunting Grounds is the Heavy Weapons Trial. It’s number twelve overall and boasts combat to similar Horizon-style games that feature monstrous creatures and explosives powerful. It sees Aloy use one of her biggest weapons to shoot down the canons on a Tremortusk, requiring some very specific precision and access to some of the most dangerous guns in the title.

The Shock And Remove Trial is number ten and one of the most complex challenges in the whole game. The player has to shock a Tremortusk forcing it to crash to the ground. They must then remove its tusks when it’s down which can be a difficult procedure to carry out, especially if under continued attack. Practice outside of the trial is the key to victory here.

The Mounted Combat Trial, number eleven in the game, might just be the hardest there is. First of all, the player must have access to the Clawstrider Override. While dodging the advancing Tremortusks, the player must defeat Clawstriders using a mounted attack. It’s a maneuver that not everyone has mastered, and with a time limit counting down there are a lot of elements to contend with.

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