I did a 7-2-25 workout for a week – here’s what happened

As a fitness editor, I’m a snob for a new fitness trend or challenge, so when I heard about the 25-7-2 workout, I grabbed my backpack, gym card, and a favorite pair of running shoes And I headed to the gym to find out more. Like the 12-3-30 workoutThis Stairmaster workout routine went viral on TikTok, and I was eager to find out why.

Before going to my workout, I’ll say I hardly use a Stairmaster or a treadmill for that matter—I’m a runner, but I prefer logging my miles outside, along the river, with a podcast or a cool playlist. The Stairmaster, or Stair stepper, is the gym’s scare machine that looks like a little escalator. The goal of the game, in the literal sense of the word, is to climb an infinite number of stairs, which may seem like torture, but there are some benefits.

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