In Quiberville, work has begun on a new camp site

Visited with Camille Simon and Raphael George of the Coastal Conservatoire. (© Les Information Dieppe)

Transfer the camp adjacent to the beach Kuiperville, near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) is one of the priorities of the regional project of the Lower Saâne Valley in which the Conservatoire du littoral works with the municipality.

This last one happenedterrain 6 hectares With a view overlooking the valley to accommodate this future tourist site that will be natural and respectful of the existing landscape.

The first shovels were delivered in March 2022 for the construction of road networks, roads and various networks, as well as the first afforestation. The countdown has now begun because the new camp should welcome its first customers on April 1, 2023!

160 places planned

This futuristic camp will be called Saâne and Maritime Domain. It will accommodate 160 places, including 34 light recreation homes and ten mobile recreation residences. Bids for the construction of these residential buildings will be launched soon.

This will be followed by the delegate who will be responsible for managing the site. “Our camp site has so far been under direct management. The future site is part of a broader tourism policy that we would prefer to delegate to professionals specialized in tourist accommodation,” says Mayor Jean-Francois Block.

From three stars currently, the camp site should rise to four stars by introducing new services.

“We have chosen an infrastructure that respects the environment. To develop the site, we are working in close cooperation with the Conservatoire du littoral.”

Jean Francois blockMayor of Copperville

Listen and pay attention

Thus, the development of the future camp site will combine business and pleasure with on-site management of sewage, construction of small ponds and hedges to ensure the hydraulic run-off problem. For this, the project calls for the union of the watersheds of Saâne, Vienne and Scie.

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The total cost of the operation is estimated at around 7 million euros, but the municipality already knows that a 30% financial impact will have to be incurred due to the current additional cost of materials. Therefore, new grants will be sought from Europe and the region.

New meander for Saâne

The question of the future of the old camp is well known: the site will be reclassified in the future as a natural site and will give complete freedom to the formation of a new meander in Saâne. Relocation of the camp site remains a thorny topic for the regulars who have set up their caravans there for decades.

Their first meeting was held in October to discuss the matter and the municipality stuck to one point: to prioritize them in a long-term playground lease if their facilities comply with the new regulations. And that will be. Actually.

A second meeting was held in March with residents living near the site. They have expressed concerns about the noise pollution they may be exposed to in the future. The consultative work will continue with the third meeting scheduled for July, at which the municipality team will present the project as a whole to the residents.

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