Introducing Cape Furl® Algaecide by Lake Restoration

Rogers, MN, May 04, 2022 –(– Introducing Cape Furl®; A new fish safe algaecide used to control algae blooms in ponds, lakes or other water features. Cape Furl® is an easy-to-use copper free algaecide that will kill algae, mold or moss fast. This product is manufactured, sold and shipped directly to the customer by Lake Restoration, Inc., a pond and lake weed control company located in Rogers, MN.Cape Furl® is a sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (scp) algaecide that is EPA approved. It can be used effectively to get rid of algae in a pond without harming fish, such as trout, koi or channel catfish, which are sensitive to copper based algaecides. This product can be used by broadcasting the powder-like granules directly over the algae areas or by dissolving the granules in water, then spraying onto the algae mats.

“Cape Furl® was created to give our customers a practical way of treating their filamentous and planktonic blue-green algae, while keeping their fish safe,” said Paul Kretsch, Ecommerce Operations Manager at Lake Restoration. “When our customers use Cape Furl®, they will have immediate control of the algae in their fish-pond. Our Cape Furl® Algaecide is available in 5 sizes to accommodate any size fountain, water feature, pond or lake. One pound covers a surface of 1,000 square feet and is available for $14.99.”

Cape Furl® is a safe way to get rid of algae in a pond, lake or water feature. Cape Furl® works through oxidation to provide your water with immediate control of algae, bacteria, and fungus. Effects of treatment are immediately apparent (bubbling, bleaching/discoloration of algae, floating of dead organic matter). This product can be used as an integral part of your water management system and treatments are successful when the algaecide is applied directly to the algae, mold, or fungus.

This product will also work great in ornamental streams and waterfalls and will remove stubborn algae from fountains or pond-less waterfalls. In addition to controlling algae blooms, it will control odors, and not clog filters. It is best applied early in the morning under calm, sunny conditions and when water temperatures are warm. Sunlight and higher temperatures both enhance this product’s activity.

About Lake Restoration
Lake Restoration, located in Rogers, MN, has been restoring the beauty of lakes and ponds since 1977. Every year thousands of satisfied customers use Lake Restoration products to keep their ponds, lakes and other water features in pristine condition. Lake Restoration offers a complete line of exclusive, simple, do-it-yourself solutions to treat a variety of pond weed maladies. To learn more about controlling pond and lake weeds and products and services to accomplish this, visit

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