Is Dog The Bounty Hunter still running and where does it live now?

Dog The Bounty Hunter is back in the arena where he recently went to church to share his story. This raised questions about whether the TV personality is still working as a bounty hunter and where he currently lives.

He didn’t quite go off the scene, disguising himself as the masked singer’s armadillo not too long ago. Duane Lee Chapman is now famous for sharing his adventures The Bounty Hunter . dog On A&E from 2004 to 2012.

The reality star gained worldwide attention as a bounty hunter due to his successful capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2003. Fast forward now and fans are wondering if he’s still trying to hunt down the most wanted people.

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Does Dog The Bounty Hunter still work?

Duane Chapman still works as a bounty hunter. His latest series, Dog’s Most Wanted, aired on WGN America in late 2019, but since then, Dog The Bounty Hunter has also been giving speeches at church.

A source on YouTube revealed seven months ago that Duane still runs Da Kine in Honolulu and is chasing trophies in both Hawaii and Colorado with Kaleo, Sonny and Rich, who have appeared on the A&E series.

However, Dwayne’s left-handed man Youngblood is said to have retired, as reported by The Sun, and is a single father. But Dog continues to work without him, regularly posting updates about his hunting adventures on Instagram.

Duane recently found another son of his, named John Chapman. He received a call, as revealed in a recent source church speech he gave at his church, that he is the father of an adult boy who has been adopted.

Speaking to Access on his disguised singer appearance, Doug said he “always tries to be a good Christian.” Now 57, Duane is doing everything in his power to bring faith into the lives of others along with bounty hunting.

Where does Doug the Bounty Hunter live?

The dog currently lives in Naples. However, he is not always at home while traveling to the USA and recently, he said that he is heading to Utah where the murder of Crystal Turner and Kellen Schulte is still unsolved.

He was originally born in Denver, Colorado, one of the places where Doug, who opposes bail reform, has joined movements — as well as California, Vermont, and New Jersey — seeking to oppose or repeal bail reform laws.

Colorado is also where Duane and his wife tied the knot in 2021. Previously, Duane lived in the eastern Honolulu suburb of Hawaii Kai with his late wife Beth, where they married.

He is now traveling with his wife, Francie

Duane, who married Colorado breeder Franchie Fran in September 2021, is now traveling to the United States with his wife. They attend speaking engagements such as the recent speech they gave at The Source Church in Florida.

The Dog Hunter and his late wife and TV partner, Beth, previously appeared on The Source Church together in 2016, 2017, and 2019. However, Beth died of throat cancer in 2019.

Seven months before Beth’s death, Francie’s husband, Bob Fran, died of multiple myeloma. Francie never knew about Duane at the time, but claims that her friend had a vision about marriage.

During their speech at the Source Church, Your Observer reported that Fransi described traveling with Duane as “the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced, and the most terrifying at the same time.”

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