It’s Bounty Hunting Season in Red Dead Online –

It’s Bounty Hunting Season in Red Dead Online –

If you get off on the thrill of the chase, Rockstar has you covered in Red Dead Online. From now through the rest of the week, RDO is offering big payouts for Bounty Hunters as well as some nifty goodies for everyone. Add in the Featured Series calendar of events and you have tons of reasons to play. Let’s check it out.

  • Earn Double RDO$ and XP on Regular Bounties and Player Bounties
  • Take home Triple RDO$ and XP on Legendary and Infamous Bounties
  • Double RDO$ and Bounty Hunter Role XP is available on all Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events
  • Complete any Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event each week this month for 5 Capitale each
  • Bounty Hunters logging in from now through April 4 will take home 150 Revolver Cartridges and a Reward for a free Honor Reset and a free Bounty Clear for Prestigious Bounty Hunters
  • Community-Inspired Bounty Hunter Outfit items are now available
  • Everyone logging in gains 5 Special Horse Revivers for free as well as can head to any Saloon all wee for free Whiskey and Beer
  • 3-day Bounty Hunter Role Streak rewards are up for grabs
  • Earn 2 Gold Bars for turning in a Bounty each week this month and also receive a Reward for 50% off a Single Bandolier
  • Several Limited-Time Clothing items are returning
  • Tons of Bounty Hunter discounts are available
  • Month-long discounts are on offer as well

This month’s Features Series Calendar:

March 1-7:

  • A Discount for 30% off a Bounty Hunter Wagon will be granted for 2 Player Bounties this week
  • Gun Rush (Hardcore) will be the Featured Series for this week

March 8-14:

  • A Treasure Map for a haul in West Hill Haven will be earned after the 5 Regular, Legendaryor Infamous Bounties
  • A Treasure Map leading to a chest near O’Creagh’s Run can also be earned by earning 10 Regular, Legendaryor Infamous Bounties
  • This week’s Featured Series will be Takeover Series (Hardcore)

March 15-21:

  • A select colorway of Tied Pants for Bounty hunters who complete 5 Legendary Bounties
  • Elimination Series (Hardcore) will be this week’s Featured Series

March 22-28:

  • A select colorway of the Hopeman Vest for 5 Infamous Bounties
  • This week’s Featured Series will be Team Shootout Series (Hardcore)

March 29-April 4:

  • 3 Gold Bars will be earned for 15 Regular, Legendaryor Infamous Bounties
  • Showdown Series (Hardcore) will be this week’s Featured Series

Grab all the details on the Red Dead Online official site.

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