Jeep Compass S 800km review: Introduction to the fleet

A macho pocket kid enters CarDekho’s long-running fleet.

It’s been nearly six years since I last kept the keys to the Long Term Communicator. This line was broken by the Jeep Compass – an SUV that has been on my list of personal considerations for a very long time. Our test car is the top-spec Model S, with a dark green finish with a gray roof. This particular car also appears to have seen quite a few journalists’ wake, since the odometer read pretty well 21,000 km when I got the keys.

Jeep Compass Long Term Review

My initial feeling was fear. Fortunately, that was soon replaced by cautious optimism. Both, surprisingly, have something to do with the size of the compass. I’m a little used to pushing through traffic and standing in tight places with my Volkswagen Polo. The Compass obviously takes up more real estate, but it’s reassuring how quickly you get used to the pocket’s dimensions. The steering isn’t unnecessarily heavy either, which means I don’t really mind that extra maneuverability to stop the compass. Also, it’s just the right size – enough to play a bully if needed, and compact enough to pick gaps in busy streets.

Once I got used to the compass, I wanted to drive it everywhere. It may have been a novelty to have a torque-dyed diesel at my disposal, but the Jeep was the car of choice for everything: groceries, late-night city drives, and munching on weekend miles. I’ve covered the 800km in just over a week of driving – my relief!

Jeep Compass Long Term ReviewNow, most of those miles came from a weekend trip to the Upper Vaitarna. In an effort to live a #JeepLife, I checked all the boxes I could think of. Camouflage shorts, rubber sandals, an oversized tee, and a plethora of shoe snacks. It also helped a few close friends join in with their SUV. While the Compass hardly needed to invoke its four-wheel drive prowess for this trip, it did help trigger the feeling of being able to explore destinations like this on a whim. The Compass’s near-indomitable feel (and suitably comfortable) on the highway is a big plus.

Jeep Compass Long Term Review

However, it wasn’t all rosy with the compass. The side cameras have stopped working, which means that the 360-degree camera can’t take a peripheral view. Also, the odometer was flashing, indicating a small snafu somewhere. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a quick check and error clearing, I think.

The compass is now pressed into service for my weekly rounds to Pune, but only after it helps me move houses. Stay tuned!

  • Acquisition date: June 22, 2022

  • How many readings when obtained: 21,000 km

  • Mileage completed so far: 21800 km

  • Mileage: 9kmpl (city) | 11.5kmpl (highway)

  • Highlights:

    • Great etiquette on the highway. Stable ride, torque drive.

    • The Alpine 9-speaker music system is clear and loud.

    • The ventilated seats are a blessing – especially with the black leather interiors.

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