Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish return with a robust new album

In its heyday, the Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish duo was tabbed as one of those “most likely to succeed” bands from West Michigan.

The raw and hyper-energetic blues, rock and rockabilly outfit founded in 2013 by guitarist and singer Jesse Ray Cahue has wowed West Michigan fans, toured the country and released chart-topping albums over the years.

But with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantines that followed, the duo featuring Jesse Ray and drummer Brandon “Dingo” Hopp stayed hunkered down and mostly unheard from.

Fans will be pleased to know they weren’t idle: The duo released its first new album since 2019’s “Love & Luck” as part of a three-band show last month at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids.

“Over the last few years, we have been practicing, writing and scheming to record and release this record. We spent some time apart while we were in quarantine, but stayed connected through long phone calls reminiscing about our time shared on the road, and a primal need to play again,” Jesse Ray said.

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