Jimmy Pollard invites the public to go fishing as he anticipates the FA Cup Final in a friendly fishing match

Former soccer player and soccer star Jimmy Pollard has urged the public to try hunting as part of the Environment Agency’s recent hunting campaign.

With football fans eagerly awaiting this weekend’s FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea, Jamie is using campaign video to predict the outcome while fishing with two of his friends. The footage shows serious fisherman Jimmy refereeing a fishing “match” between his two friends and warning that he will issue yellow cards to anyone who fishes without a license. Jimmy expects Liverpool to win the cup with the final score 2-1 over the Reds.

The film launched the Environment Agency’s latest campaign, which promotes the multiple benefits of fishing to encourage fishermen to return to the sport or try it out for the first time. It shows the opportunities that fishing offers to spend time with family and friends and relax in nature, while highlighting the positive effects it can have on mental health.

Jimmy Pollard joined the campaign to remind anglers of the joys of hunting. He commented:

Football and fishing are two of my all-time favorite sports, so I was thrilled to share the video with my friends Rob and Brian. I’ve been an avid fisherman since I was seven and I go out fishing as often as I can. Not only do I like sports but it’s really important to get away from it all and enjoy the peace and quiet and enjoy the outdoors. And they are great for your mental health.

Supporting sport fishing by renewing your license is essential because the money goes back to the sport and helps replenish fish levels, improve the environment in which we fish and of course avoid the fine! It’s very easy to do, you can renew it online, and having a digital copy on your phone means you don’t have to worry about leaving it at home. I can’t wait to watch the game this weekend to see if the result from our match predicted the FA Cup result.

Heidi Stone, Director of Fisheries Partnerships at the Environment Agency, said:

An accomplished and crazy fisherman in his previous career as a professional soccer player, Jimmy was the perfect candidate to serve as a referee on this unique game of fishing and to remind people of the range of benefits the sport can provide. Fishing provides a great opportunity to get out into nature, socialize, and boost your mental health.

All funds generated from rail license sales are dedicated to working to improve our fisheries and river habitats. These efforts contribute to supporting the broader environment and preserving the sport.

To find out more information about when you need a hunting licence, and how to buy it, visit: gov.uk’s hunting licenses page

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