Joseph Newgarden is obsessed with the perfect catch number 3

Newton, Iowa – Joseph Newgarden chases perfection in a sport where there is always more speed, more dominance. Unlucky yellow flags can make him boil, crazier and more emotional than any other driver on the IndyCar Network. He can start in the front row, only to be hit by a pole by fellow Penske teammate Will Power – as happened on Saturday at this weekend’s races – and stand up to his stone face.

The two-time series champion won four times over 11 races in 2022 – twice more than fellow Penske teammate Scott McLaughlin, while no one else has won more than one. Comfortably finished 6.2 seconds in 2second abbreviation– Put Pato O’Ward on Saturday, over 20 seconds on Power in 3research and development. After driving 208 of Saturday’s 250 laps, Newgarden has led in an astonishing 1,358 of the 2,250 laps IndyCar has conducted in Iowa since 2015 – more than 60% eight separate starts. He has four wins in those races.

It leaves the competition feeling hopeless as they head into the second leg on Sunday with a double-header.

Joseph Newgarden will start his way back from his Penske teammates on Sunday 9th at St. Pete's season opener in IndyCar.

“Newgarden has four wins here, maybe five tomorrow, unless I can do something,” Power said during the post-race press conference on Saturday night.

O’Ward’s response: “Don’t be so negative.”

Strength: “Come on, try to beat him, man.”

O’Ward: “I tried today.”

Strength: “Yeah, okay, I’ll try to beat him tomorrow.”

Can it be done?

How Saturday won:Newgarden grabs the lead early, and doesn’t look back at Iowa

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