Katy-based FireDisc is revolutionizing outdoor cooking

Two Katie brothers have reinvented the wheel when it comes to portable cooking and grilling.

FireDisc, a modern, high-performance, travel-ready cook, has opened its first Katy flagship store at LaCenterra Shopping Center, located at 23501 Cinco Ranch Boulevard.

FireDisc runs on propane, is flat packed and heats up quickly. Its large surface area allows it to cook larger quantities than traditional portable grills, and it can cook virtually anything.

FireDisc launched in 2017 and had a popular following online and at several retailers like Buc-ees, but Katy’s is his first brick-and-mortar site.

Brothers Hunter and Griff Jaggard designed and built the FireDisc after years of hiking, fishing and camping in the great outdoors. The disc is inspired by the father-in-law of a Hunter who once gave him a plow disc to cook on while hunting.

Hunter said the concept of a cooking disc has similar iterations across cultures, but they all have limitations.

“You can cook really cool stuff on discs by putting them on charcoal, but it’s not easy to move or clean up,” Hunter said.

The brothers set out to search for a disc cooker to suit their needs, but to their surprise, no such product existed. “We’ve searched all over the market, but no one has designed a cook that can do things that a grill can’t take anywhere.”

The Jaggards saw an opportunity, and they spent years learning to solder so they could create their perfect cook.

After years of work, the brothers created and released the FireDisc. It is now sold in more than 700 stores in 40 states.

The FireDisc can cook everything from soup to stir-fry to okra, and a removable grill stand allows for easy grilling. It is flat packed and lightweight, so it can be moved anywhere and stored easily.

“It’s perfect for camping, going to the beach, or even just hanging out in your own backyard,” Gref said. “Tailgating is another common use. It really is perfect for that.”

For brothers, FireDisc is truly designed to make it easy for people to come together for any food, anytime, anywhere.

“We’re a family business, and FireDisc really aims to bring people together,” Gref said. “People who want to meet outside and enjoy those great moments and experiences – this disc is just the complement to that.”

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