Kraven the Hunter Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Gives First Look at Spider-Man Villain in New Photos

Kraven the Hunter Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Gives First Look at Spider-Man Villain in New Photos

The next superhero to join Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is Kraven the Hunter, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. After portraying Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Kick-Ass in the titular action flick, Taylor-Johnson will become the legendary Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter. While the cast of the Sony Pictures movie continues to grow, fans will have a long wait ahead of them for a teaser trailer. Thankfully, new photos of Aaron Taylor-Johnson shared by Hero Magazine appear to give a glimpse at what he will look like as JC Chandor directed movie begins filming.

Taylor-Johnson spoke to Hero Magazine for a conversation with Spider-Man: No Way Home star Andrew Garfield. The photos included with the article feature Taylor-Johnson with a full dark beard and hair, provoking imagery of Kraven. The character has never been known to have a closely trimmed haircut in the comics, so Taylor-Johnson’s current look perfectly encapsulates the antihero he’s set to portray.

“It comes with its challenges. As you know,” Taylor-Johnson told the Spider-Man: No Way Home star about portraying Kraven the Hunter. Garfield then complemented Taylor-Johnson’s physique, with the star admitting he went back and forth on whether he wanted to go full comic-accurate with the Kraven look.

“You do come at it from another angle, which is back-to-front for me. It’s like you’re coming at it from the physical aspect, because that’s what you can see from a comic book. he looks like that, so I have to look like that.’ You see that and then you start to backtrack and dig deeper, and go, ‘This is where he originates from, then he has this relationship and that relationship…,” the actor said.

He added, “You just hope that you’re going to portray something that you can bring to life. There is, again, room for an interpretation and you want to be able to bring something and let it pop off the page. another New challenge, we talk about putting yourself under pressure all the time. I don’t step away from controversial shit, I don’t know what it is, but I’m always drawn to the thing that might actually give me a fucking stroke!”

Reports have indicated Kraven the Hunter has cast a number of pivotal roles, with West Side Story’s Ariana DeBose playing Calypso, Russell Crowe reportedly playing Kraven’s father, Fred Hechinger playing Kraven’s half-brother Chameleon, and The Many Saints of Newark star Alessandro Nivola playing another Marvel villain.

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