Lake Conroe fishing report


A man looks for bass from his boat near the Walden Yacht Club on Lake Conroe Wednesday, February 22, 2017 in Montgomery. (Michael Siaglo/Houston Chronicle)

Michael Siaglo, Staff Photographer/Houston Chronicle

Fishing at Lake Conroe has gone from fair to good for the past week. The water in the main lake is clear and the level is 201.43 feet above mean sea level. The water temperature of the dam reaches about 74.6 degrees Celsius in broad daylight. The lake version is 1,064 CFS, the City of Houston Diversion (COH) is 0 CFS and the Land Reduction Plan (GRP) is 20.73 CFS according to the San Jacinto River Authority.

Good black bass fishing. Warming weather has caused most of it to return to brush, ponds, and other structures at various depths around the lake. Watermelon or pumpkin green softshells with a tree tail are a good starter early in shallow water. Rat traps are also a good starting lure but your choice of bait depends on how deep you fish.

Crappie is back on the brush according to Carl Bostic’s Fishing Guide. He said he caught some in the submerged treetops, too. They can be found on brush in 18 to 25 feet of water and other structures such as the FM 1097 bridge towers.

The catfish is good and Bostick said he has done well fishing in baited holes. Bostick said that if you bait an area on the edges or along any of the hills, you’ll catch it and he’s found it 15 to 40 feet deep. You can also try drifting over flats in streams in water that is about 12 feet or less for some cute blue catfish. You can also find some big blue cats in the treetops on live bream. You can also find some shad along the breakwaters early and in the shade later in the day, Bostick said, using a round hook and split-cutter under the cork.

Hybrids are caught while people occasionally fish for catfish. It’s important not to be confused with undersized white bass hybrids, so if you pick up one that’s less than 18 inches tall and you’re not sure bring it back.

Bream is caught all over the lake. The large bream is hunted using crappie on brush as well as rocks.

The information for this hunting report was provided by fishing guide Karl Bostick, who works for Seven Coves. For information about his services, go to his website at or call 936-718-7983.

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