Lake County 4-H events, summer is almost upon us

Summer is coming so it’s time for many families to make plans, including summer camps. Summer day camps can be the perfect place to keep kids active, engaged and learning during the summer.

Lake County 4-H is an excellent choice for keeping your kids occupied with hands-on learning experiences. Below you will find the campgrounds offered through the Lake County 4-H Program.

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Bug Camp: 7-10 June

Insects are the most abundant animal on earth! Not only are these creepy creepers all over the place, but they also provide many essential benefits to humans. Discover the thrill of carrying an insect while learning how insects play a vital role in nature and how important they are to humans.

Through a variety of hands-on activities, youngsters will learn careers in entomology, how to identify insects, and begin collecting their own.

What is cooking? June 20-24

What Cooking with Lake County 4-H Day Camp is a one-week hands-on learning opportunity for young people who want to develop and hone their culinary skills. Each day he will focus on a different food group and learn different cooking methods from different recipes.

There will be adult supervision on all equipment. On Friday, participants will cook and plan a meal for their families. This camp will help teach children to choose and prepare healthy food options for themselves and their families.

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