Lauren appears strong to honor Congresswoman Captur

U.S. Congressman Marcy Captur thanked Lauren and surroundings for their support during her 39-year career in the national elected office while promoting the region’s never-give-up stance.

Kaptur was the special guest at a cocktail party on May 9 in her honor at Skylift Inc. , 3000 N. Leavitt Road, No. 6, in Lorraine.

Captur, a Democrat from Toledo, has been in office since 1983.

She is 75 years old, and she is running for re-election this year.

However, the redistricting has kept Lauren away from her.

When she was elected to office in 1983, Lauren was still feeling smart about the collapse of the steel industry and other manufacturing job losses, Kaptur told the crowd.

She said people were coming to her with requests for funding for lighthouse restoration projects.

But what impressed her, Kaptur said, “Everyone was very positive and you guys are fighting back.”

Today, the steel industry is returning to some genre in the form of Skylift, a manufacturer that makes highly acclaimed gantry cranes/cranes machines.

One of Captur’s accomplishments in his position has been to make improvements to the environment.

The Black River in Lorraine has undergone major environmental upgrades.

Kaptur said that when she took power, people couldn’t even eat fish from the river because it was so polluted.

She reminded the audience that Lake Erie and all the Great Lakes are the largest freshwater lake in the world.

It will become more valuable, Kaptur said, as more and more regions begin to feel the pinch of lack of access to clean water.

Another existential threat is the Asian carp, an invasive species from the Mississippi River that, if not curbed, will leave a trail of ecological devastation.

“We’re in a fight,” Kaptur said. “We have to clean up and stop these elusive species (from getting in).”

She is convinced that Lake Erie is an asset to be managed.

Kaptur predicts the future of agriculture as being “climate controlled” in greenhouses.

Growth can occur all year round.

The water used in the growth process is in a giant lake nearby.

“The water has become more and more expensive,” Kaptur said. “Water is life.”

“You are survivors of the hard blows the country has taken in the last 50 years and you have never given up,” Kaptur said.

Kaptur will run in the 9th District.

Lorraine County will be moved out of District 5.

In November 2022, the Fifth Circuit race will be held against Representative Bob Latta against Craig Soares.

But Captur said she will remember the time she spent dealing with Lorraine County politicians.

“Tell Mayor Jack Bradley, I’ve always had Lauren here,” Captor said, pointing to her body, as if to show she was keeping Lauren’s concern in her heart and soul.

But it will be busy collecting votes in another area.

Skylift continues to impress

The company cannot keep up with the demand for easements which are used for the installation of utility poles and transformers, maintenance of traffic lights and the like.

The company was the brainchild of Dr. Nick Jarmsuzuk, who retired from practice to enter the company.

It started with two employees in 2000 and now has a workforce of 94, including 17 women.

Biden mentioned the company during his February 17 speech in Lorraine for its ability to produce an environmentally friendly product that is manufactured in the United States.

Captor reportedly fed Biden with the information prior to his appearance and used it in his statements.

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