Leopard attacks pet dog in Maharashtra village, viral video sparks conversation on human-animal conflict

In the footage caught by CCTV cameras installed outside the house, a black dog is seen sitting at the entrance. Spotting the leopard coming its way, the canine tries to run away. After a short chase, the leopard catches hold of the dog, The video ends with the predator walking away with the dog.

The shocking moment was caught on camera in Mungsare village of Nashik on Monday after midnight.

Watch the video here:

Personnel from the forest department rushed to the area and asked the villagers to remain alert, an official told news agency PTI, adding that traps will be laid in the area to catch the predator.

Pankaj Garg, Deputy Conservator of Forest, Nashik told ANI: “We appeal to the people of Mungsare village to remain indoors at night as leopard activity has increased in this area.”

As the video went viral, it also started a conversation about human-animal conflict due to diminishing spaces for wildlife. Many also argued that given the situation of wild animals lurking around, even guard dogs should be sheltered inside. Even though netizens were saddened by the plight of the dog, many said that the leopard might have ventured into residential areas, desperate for food.

A similar incident happened last year in Nashik outside a home in Bhuse village, where the wildcat was seen stealthily entering the fenced yard of the house and walking away with a sleeping dog.

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