Lizzo announces new album with “About Damn Time” before SNL

This week Lizzo has been on the alert, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down.

She dropped her new single “About Damn Time” on Wednesday. Just the next day, she released her music video directed by Christian Breslauer for the song. The video shows Lizzo sitting in a room with a “tense and sexy” support group, running and running out of the room when the group leader calls her out. Throughout the 4-minute video, she transforms the boring office building into a party complete with a disco ball, illuminated disco floor, and a swimming pool.

The video contains special guest features from Sasha Flute and some girls from the “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” reality show. Released on Prime Video in late March, the show follows Lizzo as she searches for confident women to join her on her world tour, culminating in her Treasure Island concert last year.

“About Damn Time” is Lizzo’s first single since she partnered with Cardi B to give us “Rumors” in August of 2021. “Rumors” was the last song she dropped since its release. Cuz I love you In 2019, but we have a feeling there will be more to come. With the news of her music video, came the announcement of her fourth album. distinctwhich will be released on July 15.

On Tuesday, Lizzo launched its mass-formed line, Yitty, “made for every damn body.” The brand is named after childhood nickname Lizzo and is committed to inclusivity and sustainability. The line is characterized by three groups; Mesh Me, Nearly Naked, and Major Label in sizes from 6X to XS. The launch of this clothing line transforms her into an emerging fashion entrepreneur.

“Designed to celebrate, hug and love every body,” Yitty has been in business for three years and pays homage to Lizzo’s late aunt. On the day the line came out, she dedicated an Instagram post dedicated to her saying, “Auntie… I miss you so much today.” She adds, “You made the world say Yeti! Note… I know you were going to be wearing all white leggings and a shaaaaaaaaaarp bra,”

Plus, Lizzo is pulling double duty on Saturday Night Live this week. Securing a hosting service on SNL is indeed a rare feat. This time around, you’ll come as a two-time musical guest – having performed at the legendary Studio 8H in 2019 – and join 35 celebrity guests who can add “Hosted and Played SNL” to their résumé. On the SNL show, Kenan Thompson asks, “Lizo, is there anything you can’t do?” In addition to folding a fitted sheet, the answer is no.

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