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Dickinson – Keeping cattle and horses healthy on the western edge can be a challenge, and remains a top priority for beef producers in the region. An adequate health program is one of the most important aspects of any beef herd management plan, and the newly opened local business is ready to meet the challenge with packaged and bulk feeds, animal health products and a variety of vaccines that add the added ease of caring for livestock producers at competitive prices.

There’s an old adage that great things come in threes, and at AgCentral Solutions in Dickinson, a three-man executive team understands all too well the vital importance that minerals and vitamins play in balanced nutrition and healthy beef production.

Brady Schmidt, Business Director; Brody Jones, Director; and Olivia Schull, a livestock products specialist, say they are poised to be a one-stop shop for all the health and nutritional needs of farmers in the area.

Brady Schmidt, Brody Jones and Olivia Scholl.
Photo by James B. Miller, Jr./Dickinson Press

“Our primary focus is on livestock producers and animal lovers of all kinds. We mainly serve our livestock producers in the region through feed, animal health and a full line of livestock and horse products,” Schmidt said. “We are really excited to be here in Dickinson… We are excited to continue serving the area’s customers and providing livestock feed. Southwest North Dakota and eastern Montana are our focal points, so from Glendive and Dickinson we are serving customers with the best products to manage their herd.”

For Schmidt, part owner of AgCentral Solutions in Dickinson, the love for all things farming and ranching began at a young age when she grew up in eastern Nebraska on a row crop farm.

“I went to South Dakota, along with all of our local employees here, and got my undergraduate degrees in animal sciences and masters in animal genetics,” she said. “After my graduation, I went back to Glendive to take over as manager of that store. Then when we expanded to open this site, I was offered as a part owner.”

“I’ve been on the livestock producers side and now I’m on the service side, and that’s a very special responsibility,” Schmidt added.

Jones shared a similar upbringing story to his love of farming and ranching, and graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Farming Systems Technology and a minor in animal science.

“I’ve been in South Dakota my whole life, so far, growing up on a farm in western South Dakota in the Midland area raising pairs of cattle calves,” Jones said. “I kind of fell in love with him and went to school for him because he had always grown up with him. Now I can stay involved in the industry, which I love, and help the farm owners in the area make ends meet.”


In cold North Dakota winters, available pasture grass becomes scarce, and AgCentral Solutions’ warehouse is filled with Rangeland protein tubs containing all-natural products with 25% protein and 5% fat.
Photo by James B. Miller, Jr./Dickinson Press

According to Jones, situations where feed or rations fall short of nutrients needed by livestock occur in the feeder zone – highlighting the recent record-breaking snowstorm and years of cascading drought conditions. He believes that a healthy solution begins with a supplemental nutrition program for Purina Supplements and a team of local professionals experienced in identifying and treating these deficiencies.

“We have options to suit clients’ feed availability, labor resources, forage type preference, flexible feeding facilities, and optimal fit solutions to ensure the quality and health of the area’s herds,” Jones said. “I always wanted to be in the animal industry, and I was on the other side and now to be on that side of things, it’s been a nice full circle for me personally.”

Jones added, “Understanding both sides is an asset to our employees here and to our customers. We get their interests and needs, we understand and we want to help them get what they need.”


A well-stocked warehouse for food products and the ability to special order are hallmarks of the new Dickinson Agriculture Services location.
Photo by James B. Miller, Jr./Dickinson Press

AgCentral Solutions is a Purina partner dedicated to delivering industry-leading innovations aimed at unleashing the potential of livestock and horses.

Schmidt explained a typical process for clients, and highlighted the services that AgCentral Solutions provides to residents of the area.

“We have a full-time Purina specialist on hand and the client will talk to them to find out what their livestock feeding needs are. With this we sample the feed, water and tissues and we can see on a scientific level what the needs are in terms of minerals and supplements.”

Jones explained how the process would proceed after the initial samples.

“Our nutritionist finds out the best servings for the client and then at their discretion we start the next stage here with me as I see what we have in stock or if we need to order it privately,” he said.

Inviting area livestock producers to see their products live, AgCentral Solutions will welcome everyone to its grand opening July 14, at 1202 Livestock Lane, Dickinson, ND.

“To southwest North Dakota, you have your local animal health and animal feed store again,” Jones said. “There is a huge gap to be filled, after the last remaining business, and we are here to fill that by helping with your needs. We can get pretty much anything in animal health relatively quickly, as well as animal feed to give you what you need.”

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