Locations Likely To Appear In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The unveiling of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth The trailer has permitted fans of the series a brief look at the outline of the game. Confirmed to be the second entry in a trilogy, it is easy for one to predict how this new title will play out regarding the original game. Though the story is destined to be altered, most locations from the original are guaranteed to return.

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After leaving Midgar, Cloud and his companions journey to a collection of unique locations, so Final Fantasy 7 Remake is likely to follow the same route. Though certain areas are more likely to appear than others, the timeline may confine several locations to the series’ third entry.

10 Kalm

After escaping from the clutches of the Shinra Electric Power Company, Cloud and his friends journey to Kalm, a small and quaint town located just outside Midgar. Upon arriving in Kalm, Cloud begins to inform the party about his connections to Sephiroth.

The Rebirth trailer showcases a small portion of Cloud’s story through a flashback. As it was before in the original game, this tale is likely being told while the party is in Kalm, since it is the group’s first stop following the events in Midgar.

9 Junon

Once the party leaves Kalm, they shortly arrive in the city of Junon, a once-thriving fishing town that has since been occupied by Shinra. Junon houses the office of Rufus Shinra, the new leader of the company, so Cloud will likely confront him here.

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The events of the original game saw the party sporting the attire of the Shinra Military to gain access to Rufus’ submarine. With Shinra constantly attempting to locate Cloud and his band of miscreants, Junon will likely appear to further showcase Shinra’s persistence.

8 Mt. Corel

Mt. Corel, though smaller than most areas, is an iconic location in the original game. Though it can be quickly navigated, how it is designed offers a great deal to players who wish to grind there. Its inclusion could also offer a brief glimpse into Barret’s past.

The original’s turn-based combat scenarios consisted of the party regularly getting attacked by five enemies at once, providing them with an efficient means of leveling. Mt. Corel will likely return as a bigger and more encompassing area for the player to explore.

7 The Gold Saucer

With the incorporation of mini-games in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade DLC, it is likely the Gold Saucer will be returning in Rebirth to feature even more amusements. The original game required the player to venture into this vast land after conquering North Corel.

Arguably one of the most iconic locations in the original title, the Gold Saucer is essentially guaranteed to appear. Though fans are hopeful the giant casino will consist of the countless mini-games its predecessor was known for, it is unclear how this new rendition will function.

6 Cosmo Canyon

With Red 13’s late introduction in Remake, the party will likely be journeying to Cosmo Canyon to uncover the secrets of his past. Referred to as the “Valley of the Fallen Star,” Cosmo Canyon offers its visitors the option to study the world around it.

The original title utilized Cosmo Canyon to convey the heartfelt story of the Red 13 and his family. Currently seen as nothing more than one of Hojo’s experiments, the inclusion of Cosmo Canyon in Rebirth would allow the player to fully understand why Red is the way he is.

5 Nibelheim

The flashback scene in the Rebirth trailer has all but confirmed the return of Cloud and Tifa’s childhood home, Nibelheim. Accompanied by Sephiroth, Cloud is tasked to return to Nibelheim to inspect the town’s Mako Reactor.

Nibelheim will likely be the most prominent location in Rebirth, presumably consisting of two visits. The first will see Cloud reliving past events in his memories, while the second will focus on his experiences returning to the town’s ruins.

4 Rocket Town

As its name would suggest, Rocket Town is a small village that once comprised of astronauts and scientists. Recognized as the primary setting of Shinra’s Space Program, Rocket Town consists of a spacecraft that towers over the homes of its residents.

Cloud will likely journey to Rocket Town to acquire Cid, a once determined scientist who dreamed of exploring the vast reaches of space. Located close to Mt. Nibel, the player will likely be venturing to Rocket Town after their time in Nibelheim.

3 Wutai

Once an optional location, Wutai is almost guaranteed to appear in Rebirth thanks to the inclusion of Yuffie in the Intergrade DLC. With Yuffie confirmed to be an unmissable character, her introduction in Rebirth will likely lead the player to explore the nation of Wutai.

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The story in Wutai will likely follow Yuffie as she recounts the events that befell her during her time in Midgar. If Yuffie steals the party’s Materia once again, Cloud will likely journey to Wutai to reclaim them as his own, before asking Yuffie to accompany him on his journey.

2 The Temple Of The Ancients

Housing the Black Materia, the Temple of the Ancients is one of the most important locations present in the original game. Cloud and Aerith will likely journey to this temple toward the end of Rebirth to stop Sephiroth from obtaining the power to summon the planet-destroying ability known as Meteor.

Created by the Cetra, briefly discussed in Remake, the Temple of the Ancients will likely impact Aerith by revealing her true purpose. Sephiroth’s acquisition of the Black Materia will likely result in the party the temple in search of alternative means leaving to foil his plans.

1 The City Of The Ancients

Before the vast majority of the Cetra were wiped out by Jenova’s crash into the earth, the spiritual civilization occupied the Forgotten City, commonly referred to as the City of the Ancients. The story that takes place in this city is often regarded as the game’s biggest turning point.

It would make sense for the City of the Ancients to appear as the final location of Rebirth, as fans are eager to see if the shocking scenario it holds will be altered or not. Either way, its presence could allow for a frustrating, but effective cliffhanger to tide over fans before the series’ third and final entry in the story.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is scheduled to release in Winter 2023.

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