Long-term yacht rentals are on the rise

Where guests once felt lucky to escape on a luxury yacht for a week, charterers today are taking longer trips than ever before. Industry experts discuss why charter customers now spend more time on board and reveal the epic multi-month adventures at sea they’re helping to book now

“The increase is clear,” says Rita Loskovic, Head of Charter at Princess. “I’ve worked in the industry since 2014, and haven’t had many inquiries about long-term charters. It really bounced back when the pandemic hit.”

And Princess is not the only brokerage that has noticed a shift in bookings since the onset of Covid-19. YPI reported that up to 41 percent of its clients in 2021 booked for longer than one week, with another brokerage reporting an increase in month-long charters from five percent in 2019 to 15 percent of all charters booked. last year. The gear changes completely, when the average length of a charter trip is seven days.

Available to rent with Camper & Nicholsons from $54,500 per week, and longer organized trips on imagine It included a five-week sailing trip across the South Pacific

Credit: Camper & Nichols

Teleworking days and pent-up holidays are two factors that have allowed tenants to take more time off work. “With advances in telecommunications, entire families are now able to combine work, school, and play while enjoying their favorite sea destinations,” explains Hanneke Maljaars, chief charter broker at Ocean Independence, who describes these customers as a “growing generation of charterers.” .

More time on board also means charter guests can fulfill their lifelong desires to visit bucket-list destinations or try adventurous activities like scuba diving or heli-skiing as part of their itineraries. This is where yacht travel experts such as EYOS Expeditions and Pelorus come together, to help brokers organize trips to remote Pacific islands or the North and South poles.

Based in French Polynesia, dardanella Can rent from $115,000 per week with 37 South.

Credit: 37 South

“It’s really a return on investment,” explains Elise Ciapara, Head of Yachting Tours at Belarus. “We are finding more and more people who, after being stuck at home for a long time, really want to increase their time on the plane. And staying on board for longer gives you more freedom.”

Some of the longer charters currently organized by Ciappara include six weeks on a classic 31-meter Explorer Togo To focus on photographing the wildlife of Svalbard, five weeks on a 33.6m sailing yacht imagine On the isolated atolls of French Polynesia, Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, and three weeks on an African safari between Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. Ciappara has also developed 37-meter tracks dardanellaavailable for charter in Polynesia with a New Zealand-based brokerage at 37 South, advises that a yacht shark diving trip through the Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands is best enjoyed on a month-long cruise.

eros Offering multi-week charters in adventure destinations including Antarctica and Central America, from $44,000 a week with Classic Charters.

Credit: Classic Charters

At EYOS Expeditions, destinations with distinct geographies and abundant wildlife, such as Antarctica, are on client manager Tamsin Vaughan’s radar. Locked up during the pandemic, Vaughan has seen a surge in guests booking unusual trips that can’t be taken in a few days. For such a trip, Vaughan recommends the 77-meter ice class legendwhich she described as “great for Antarctica and South Georgia, with plenty of rides as well as a Bali resort on board which makes it very good for a long-term rental.”

extended legend An Antarctic cruise gives guests plenty of time to make the most of its facilities, including using the helipad for off-piste ski adventures and taking the five-seater submarine for underwater exploration. Other activities that can be arranged by EYOS may include kayaking among the icebergs, whale watching, visiting penguin colonies or scientific research centers, climbing magnificent peaks and even snorkeling during the long Antarctic days of nearly 24 hours in daylight.

legend It can be rented in Antarctica with EYOS Expeditions from €545,000. Longer trips mean more time for activities including kayaking around the icebergs.

Credit: EYOS Expeditions

“I think people are just realizing there’s a lot to see, and I think they’re realizing that if they’re going to make these amazing trips once in a lifetime, they can also do it right, to the max,” Vaughan says.

As an alternative option, Nickie Tannock-Vincent, head of charter retail at YPI, saw “Middle Eastern families booking yachts for a month or more at a time to give them flexibility to come and go as they need.” With yachts over 60 meters high, it’s not easy to reach in high season, she adds, “having one ready at your disposal is ideal,” noting that “this trend is not entirely new.”

Arensmanaged by Cecil Wright at a weekly price of 595,000 euros, hosted a 10-week charter in the summer of 2021.

Credit: Cecil Wright/Stuart Pierce

Only 2% of inquiries received through YPI over the past year were for trips longer than three weeks. For charters of one or two months, brokers assure that the Mediterranean remains the number one destination.

While booking a long-term charter poses a risk to owners if cancellations occur, brokers generally seem to feel that owners are in agreement with the concept and will even offer a discount on longer rentals. “We all love long-term charters, believe it or not,” Loskovic says. “It’s an easier charter, without a lot of different payments and not a lot of check-in and check-out procedures for the crew.” Nixie Perides, Burgess head of public relations and communications, agrees. “The long-term rental price discount is often agreed because the landlord does not waste time between shorter charters for a change,” she says.

Offering unique trails in Thailand and Norway from €625,000 per week with Cecil Wright, 76.6m bodhisattva It received 11 inquiries in the last year alone for charters lasting more than 30 days.

Credit: Pixels from Mars

So what types of boats are booked for longer charters? “The longer the lease, the bigger the boat they want,” says Luskovic, a comment that resonates throughout the brokerage industry. Vanessa Buck, charter manager at Cecil Wright, specifies that “the majority of inquiries are for yachts of 60m or more, allowing the space to combine family time with a remote work desk or even potential classrooms for onboard private lessons.” Examples from Cecil Wright’s fleet include 76.6m bodhisattvawhich received 11 inquiries last year only for charters of more than 30 days duration, and 60.9m Arensin which a 10-week lease was booked in the summer of 2021 — which “would have been very unusual in pre-pandemic times,” according to Buck.

Available from €120,000 per week with Ocean Independence, 50m away procedures They can reduce the impact of longer charters by sailing under the sail.

Credit: Ocean Independence

Currently available for cruises along the tropical coast of Thailand, a long time aboard the Cecil Wright bodhisattva Ideal for families, it offers everything from a private office for adults to remote work to additional cabins to bring nannies or teachers. Specially renovated for rental in 2016, bodhisattva It is even equipped with a private hospital for medical treatment at sea. Itineraries allow kids to stay active with a day of water sports at Phang Nga Bay or snorkeling trips with sharks and swimming with dugongs around the islands of Koh Lanta and Koh Mook. Other stops on a longer trip might include a visit to the Ko Phi Phi chain – as seen in The man with the golden gun And the beach The little ones can embark on a quest for a real treasure island, while the older teens and young adults can hit the nightclubs and bars in the vibrant Patong district of Phuket after dark.

Ocean Independence’s Maljaars defines that “good stealth qualities and heaps of excellent amenities, plus a range of watersports and rides for everyone’s enjoyment” are essential components of yachts booked for longer charters. Other brokers stress the importance of a highly regarded chef; If all dietary requirements, whether gluten-free or vegan, can be catered for, renter guests won’t feel the need to come down for the best meal. And for those who feel environmentally conscious about how much time they spend on a yacht, a sailing yacht from Ocean Independence Charter Fleet like the 50m more Offers a luxurious alternative that reduces fuel consumption.

23.71 meters agile cruiser Lady Isabella It can be rented as an addition to the holiday in a villa with a Princess from 44,000 euros per week.

Credit: Princess Brokerage

When it comes to ships shorter than the charter fleet, guests staying in holiday villas may book a super small yacht as an add-on, providing the option of a day out on the water for a change of scenery or water sports. For such reservations, Luskovic recommends 23.71 meters Lady Isabella, which can be rented with the Princess for a month at a time. Its smaller dimensions offer greater flexibility for dropping anchor anywhere along its cruising grounds on the French Riviera, while still a toy box rivals those on larger ships. As always, each charter is unique according to the needs and desires of the group on board – but 2022 seems to be the year when charter guests don’t need to fear overstaying their welcome.

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