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MARSTON – A local campground owner is looking to step up his camping game by offering his customers a place to glamp.

Bob Drakeford, owner of Oasis Campground on Palmer Road, has recently added a glamping pod to his family’s campground which also offers a yurt and tiny houses. Work on the pod began over the weekend.

“[It’s] our latest thing which makes us the most unique. It’s the first one in the southeast,” Drakeford said.

Glamping is described as the place where glamor meets camping offering amenities that campers in tents on primitive sites − sites without water and electric hookups, don’t typically have access to.

Drakeford’s glamping pod is essentially a one room cabin with pinewood paneling that when complete will offer its users satellite television, internet, a breakfast station – a toaster oven, coffeepot and griddle combined; kitchen sink, dorm refrigerator, heat and air conditioning and a full bath with a standup shower. Drakeford plans to rent the unit for $90 a night which is comparable to the rate other campgrounds ask for camping cabins which do not offer bathrooms and kitchenettes.

“It’s a small space, but it’s a unique experience,” Drakeford said.

The pod sits among the park’s 20 tent sites, 27 RV sites, three tiny houses and a yurt – a modernized tent designed after the domed hide tents used by Asian nomadic peoples.

Scotland County might not be the place one would think of when looking to camp, but Drakeford points out that it is a hub for a lot of other nearby places.

“We’re on a travel route and there are other destination spots nearby like Pinehurst, Fayetteville/ Fort Bragg, and Rockingham and the racetrack,” he said. “We have people who stop off here on their way to Florida.”

Drakeford sees and accepts all kinds of campers from golfers and hunters to long-term campers in the area for work and visitors in town for PGA golf tournaments.

Drakeford opened the campground 10 years ago on land purchased by his grandfather in 1880.

“He was freed as a slave when he was eight-years-old, and later bought it for a dollar an acre,” Drakeford said explaining how he came to the idea of ​​opening a campground. “I was a professor at Auburn University, and when I retired my brother said to me, “We’ve got this land up there; you’ve got an RV. Let’s build an RV Park.”

Drakeford jokes that he hasn’t seen his brother since that suggestion.

The park was opened in 90 days which is unusual for campgrounds offering more than primitive sites.

“You’re essentially building a small city,” he said. “What we try to do is say, OK if you have 20 bucks, you can camp. If you want to be upscale you can come here and we have everything in between.”

Tent sites rent for $20 a day and Oasis offers rental dome tents and tepee tents. They also offer party tents for family reunions. The yurt rents for $80 a night and RV sites with water and electric hookups are $45 a day.

“We can accommodate the biggest RVs you can get,” he said. “Some of our sites are 80 feet long.”

All sites have a fire ring for toasting marshmallows over a campfire. Unlike many RV parks Oasis offers free firewood.

“My sons come here at Christmas time and cut trees, so they pile it up over there. It didn’t cost me nothing, so you guys can have it,” Drakeford said. “Everything like that we try to say let’s maximize the customer value. If you do that people keep on coming back.”

The campground does not have a camp store as most do, but it does offer bathhouses and laundry facilities.

Pets are welcome for no extra fee, but tent campers are not allowed to bring pets due to the limitations of keeping a pet in a tent.

The park offers a two-thirds acre dog park and four miles of hiking trails into the nearby woods.

The campground is a member of the Good Sam RV network.

Oasis is located at 8374 Palmer Road. For information, call 910-266-8372 or visit

The interior of the pod boasts pine paneling, heat and air conditioning, a futon that folds out to a bed, a mini kitchen and a full bath.

Bob Drakeford welcomes visitors at his family’s Oasis RV park to try other camping options like this glamping pod. When instillation is complete the pod will rent for $90 a night.

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