Mercedes unveils special off-roader G-Wagon 4×4 Squared

Off-road specials are almost becoming popular. Even vehicles already known for their prowess off the pavement now routinely get trail models. F-150 Raptor. Tacoma TRD-Pro. Bronco Everglades Edition. Wrangler Extreme Recon.
They are all very expensive, and they are all impressive in the mud.

So, how does a car manufacturer looking to build a reputation for their off-road vehicle?

Portal axes.

G-Wagon, square

Today, Mercedes introduced the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared – an off-road vehicle with ground clearance so high that it should offer a flight plan.

Mercedes has not even hinted at prices. But we should note that the AMG G 63 starts at $156,450, and this version is noticeably more sophisticated and luxurious. We’re expecting a price tag of over a quarter of a million dollars. Applications begin late this year.

Mercedes says it will build a limited number of those but has not specified how many.

‘The last of its kind’

It’s probably the most luxurious off-road vehicle you’ll ever see. Mercedes says it is also “the last of its kind”. It is not clear what that means. With the brand switching entirely to electric by 2030, this could be Mercedes’ last gas-powered beast. But we doubt Mercedes will ever give up off-roading altogether.

The 4×4 Squared is based on the truly exceptional AMG G 63. It is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 585 horsepower (eight more horses than the “regular” G63) and a 9-speed automatic transmission, due to which the AMG is tuned for faster shifts. The power goes to all four wheels all the time.

Even the axles are raised

What is remarkable is how you reach them. The 4×4 Squared is one of the only production models that uses a method used by some of the most extreme off-road mod shops to dramatically improve the vehicle’s off-road capability.

4 x 42 It has gate hubs.

In most cars, the hubs connect directly to the wheels. In the latest Mercedes SUV, they do not. Instead, each wheels have their own separate gearbox attached to a seated hub higher from the center of the wheels. This gives a square 4×4 13.8 inches of ground clearance and a depth of 35.8 inches.

Customizable cabin

Visually, it looks like the taller AMG G 63 with wide flares made of carbon fiber. It appears to be real carbon fiber, too, although off-road drivers rarely care about saving weight the way performance drivers do. It also has a bumper under the bumper – 4 x 42 It is so much longer than a conventional G-Wagon that engineers have hung a steel bumper bar under the chassis’ shock absorbers. Otherwise, if someone screws you into this thing, they will likely go under the designated hit spot.

The interior looks, well, it should look like the shape you specify. Mercedes’ own G-Manufaktur program will build the cabin to buyer specifications. Did we mention that this thing might be a bit pricey? Mercedes will offer no less than 40 interior colors. You can also order hardwood floors in the shipping area, because everyone knows it’s easier to remove mud from hard floors than carpets.

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