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The Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries spotted 42 right whales in Massachusetts coastal waters, including four mother/calf pairs.

On May 5, 2022, an air traffic control team discovered the presence of whales. Aerial and acoustic monitoring was performed, to determine the high intensity of the right wing woes in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and the North Shore.

Sailors are reminded that the 10 knots speed limit for small vessels less than 65 feet in length in Cape Cod Bay south of 42 degrees 08′ latitude has been extended through Sunday and may be extended further depending on the movement of the whales. This speed limit is designed to protect right whales from the threat of ship strikes.

In a press report, the DMF said, “During late winter and early spring, right whales migrate and congregate in Cape Cod Bay where they feed on zooplankton. As we move into spring, these whales begin feeding closer to the surface and become more vulnerable to ship strikes.”

The lethality of ship strikes is significantly reduced when ships operate at less than 10 knots.

AnglerCatch is a good hunting app for anglers

Have you ever wondered how many planned buses you took last June, or when your summer flake started in the past few years?

Or better yet, what does the weather, seas, and winds look like at your favorite fishing spot in the bay, around Cape Cod or offshore? Perhaps if you had this information in advance, you would plan your trips differently and plan better.

You can now have your own historical fishing information (such as a log book) complete with pictures of the fish you caught. You can also find out about tides, wind and sea status of any location with Floating Weather using your smartphone or tablet in one simple app called AnglerCatch.

At the same time, it will provide fish managers in the Department of Environmental Management or the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries with critical data on recreational fishing to supplement what has already been collected while participating in a science pilot project.

It will not reveal your fishing locations, as the data is used in aggregate. If you choose not to share specific location information that’s okay too.

As a charter captain, I’ve been logging my catch online for over 10 years. It provides me with useful log information and makes me feel good, as I contribute to better fisheries data and fish conservation.

Download AnglerCatch for free from your favorite app store. The company that built the software, Harbor Light Software, has a premium helpline if you run into any difficulties. It’s all free because AnglerCatch is a pilot project developed by RI Saltwater Anglers Associaton, DEM, and Harbor Light Software. Visit the Marine Reporting Software website at anglercatch,

Where’s the bite?

fresh water: John Dion of Smithfield, Rhode Island, caught a 7.6-pound largemouth fish in Bowdish Chapchaet Lake, Rhode Island. John said, “I caught the fish using chatter bait with a swimbait trailer last Friday.” “The fish in a pre-breeding position are attracted to warm lower waters, so the catch for largemouth bass is still very good and this week the pickle and pike fishing was chosen as well,” said Tom Giddings of Tackle Box, Warwick. “Anglers catch trout in stocked ponds, and the largemouth bite before breeding is very good.” said Jeff Sullivan of Lucky Bait & Tackle and Warren.

“Fishing in Tatog in the bay and at India Point Park in Providence is still very strong.” said Dave Henault of Ocean State Tackle, Providence. Capt. Mike Littlefield of Archangel Charters in Newport said, “The tight bite has been great this spring. The fishermen are catching on beds of mussels in the 20 to 30-foot range with green crabs. It seems like most everyone is catching up to their limit.” Declan O’Donnell of Misquamicut Bait & Tackle, Charlestown, said. “Agents grab the ranger pulling the gaps and along the Narragansett coast.” Giddings said, “Customers who fish at the Rocky Point Fishing Pier and along the coast there catch some nice tug in the 18 to 20 inch range.”

striped bass: “The striped bass bite is good with some nice fish caught when feeding schools of herring and Atlantic Menhaden at the surface,” said Jeff Sullivan of Lucky Bait & Tackle. “Areas off Newport and PT. Judith Light produces.” Bay bass bite is excellent with Greenwich Bay production now as well as West Passage,” Giddings said. “School bass mostly with guards in the 30-inch range mixed in.” South County Salt Ponds, and the bass bite was very good.” “Fishing is also good with slot fish taken from the Western Wall, local hack ports, beaches and ponds. The outgoing tide seems to be producing more fish than the incoming tide.” East End Eddie Doherty said, “Jack Barton secured his first spot of the season last week just before dawn near the railway bridge over the Cape Cod Channel. The satisfied Channel Rat said it was so nice to feel a real pull on his wand after a five-month hiatus. There has been an unconfirmed report of a 40-inch striped bass fish caught in the western end, so hopefully this fish will lead a procession of other fish as well as an opening in the channel.” Fishermen catch school buses with mixed rangers in the Seekonk River as well as the Lower Providence River and the upper and middle Narragansett Bay areas. “The Bay of Hope produces bass for anglers, too,” Henault said.

“Squid fishing has been crazy. My best bets this week included Saconet and Newport which have a strong profile in Hyannis as well,” Sullivan said. Last week I fished with Greg Visby, “The Squid Whisperer,” and we filled five full (five gallon) buckets in about five hours.”

“Scoop fishing is prevalent in Narragansett Bay with large scoops in the 14 to 15 inch range being caught at Rocky Point,” Giddings said.

Dave Monti holds a captain’s master license and a charter fishing license. He serves on a variety of boards and committees and has advisory work focused on clean oceans, habitat conservation and conservation, renewable energy, fisheries and client issues. Send fishing news and photos to [email protected] or visit

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