‘More money than brains’ caste has taken over Portsmouth, NH: Letters

‘More money than brains’ caste has taken over Portsmouth

June 15 — To The Editor:

I find it concurrently sad and hilarious that the Portsmouth Historic District Commission can approve of the gold-plated fungus growing between Penhallow and Pleasant Streets. Still, it can find problems with the Dunkin Donuts on Islington Street, which has been there for over 30 years and has nothing historic around it.

The “More Money Than Brains” caste has taken over Portsmouth City Hall and will delight in turning it into a cheap replica of the tacky, garish nightmares they and theirs’ in-migrated out of to Portsmouth over the last 20 years. I feel bad for them.

Nathan Ritzo


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Valid concerns raised over historic marker’s use of term ‘first settlers’

June 15 — To the Editor:

The Dover City Council recently was asked to approve the placement of an historical marker at the site of the Roberts cemetery on the Dover Point Road. A number of people objected because of the proposed wording, most likely because it identified the people buried there as being “the first settlers” of the area. Given the actual history, I think the objection is well taken.

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