More than 5 lakh to attend the Saudi International Falconry and Hunting Exhibition

More than half a million people will participate in the 2022 Saudi International Falconry and Hunting Exhibition, the largest falconry event in the world, which will take place from August 25 to September 3.

The 10-day extravaganza brings enthusiasts from all over the world together and celebrates the art of falconry and its rich heritage spanning generations in Saudi Arabia. Visitors will witness firsthand the best collection of falcons and hunting equipment in the world along with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable desert safari. The event aims to educate future generations about the importance of falconry in Saudi Arabia to preserve the heritage of falconry and hunting while bringing people from all over the world together to celebrate its history and traditions.

Now in its fourth year, the fair is expected to welcome over 550,000 people, from more than 30 participating countries, making it the largest edition of the event to date. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase the world’s leading equipment from several pavilions in the exhibition’s 15 sections. More than 350 exhibitors will attend to provide visitors with a plethora of unique and exciting entertainment options. The gallery also includes an international and local art fair, a photography competition, a museum, and an auction.

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Waleed Al-Taweel, the exhibition’s spokesperson, said: “It is a great honor to host the Saudi International Falcon and Hunting Exhibition 2022, and we are delighted to welcome so many people to this event. Falconry is rooted in the history of Saudi Arabia and we take great pride in keeping our traditions alive. This event allows enthusiasts and hobbyists to Coming together and celebrating something that deepens our culture and opens up falconry to a wider global audience.”

He continued, “Over the years we have developed and grown the event and we are very proud to present the best falcons in the world along with equipment, products, art and entertainment. It is important that this event gives people a place to experience and participate in the growing movement of falconry around the world.”

The Saudi International Falcon and Hunting Exhibition is being held in line with the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030, which aims to transform the country by developing greater opportunities for social and economic mobility and prosperity in a healthy and natural environment.

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