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What is it? A melee-focused action roguelite with a grungy visual style.

Expect to pay: TBC

Release date: Q1 2022

Developer: Nikola Todorovic

Publisher: Nikola Todorovic

Reviewed on: Intel Core i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2060

Multiplayer? No

Link: Official site

Mortal Sin builds a riveting combat system from only a handful of elements. The most vital of these is your melee weapon, and the small bundle of moves at your disposal. You’ll slash, kick, bash, and parry the demonic creatures that stalk you in each oppressive dungeon. There’s a compelling rhythm to the combat, which interrupts tense, cramped, first-person dungeon-crawling with sudden bursts of frantic mouse-clicking. Similar to Dead Space, you need to fully dismember enemies to kill them. There are a lot of heads and limbs being flung around

You’ll chop up foes primarily with meaty melee weapons including swords, halberds, and axes. Moves can be strung together in simple combos, for example by kicking a monster away, and then striking to get a free power attack. Tapping shift does a sort of dash-bash, which brings you closer to the enemy while administering a weaker hit. Whatever you have to do to keep the monsters away, thin crowds, and ultimately rend them limb from limb.

(Image credit: Nikola Todorovic)

I’m digging into the combat straight away because that’s the core of Mortal Sin: an action roguelite draped in a stark, grungy visual style. This is not a game that wastes time on things like story or fancy menu design. You begin each run dumped in a chapel ruin, before you head out to tackle one of the randomised dungeon gauntlets. This initially empty plot is gradually enhanced by helpful features including a crafting station and potion shop, but there’s otherwise little to hold you here, other than the soulful, Diablo 1-style music.

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