Mullet fishermen are taking advantage of the closure to catch trophy fish

If you’re looking to catch a trophy fish on these school holidays, anglers find “once in a lifetime” luck on the border between New South Wales and Victoria.

Near-perfect fishing conditions flow along the Murray River downstream from Hume Dam, which is 97 percent full, as high flows of up to 30,000 megaliters per day have been released from the dam into the river below.

Releases help lure fish upstream, where fishermen are waiting happily.

“This is creating some really good fishing conditions without the dam at the moment,” said Andrew Driscoll, a fisheries officer for the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.

“This causes the fish to move upstream, and the Hume Weir wall itself acts as a barrier to the fish’s movement until they can’t get any further.

“So they congregate there in very large numbers at high flow events, and that makes the conditions really good for fishermen.”

Local fishermen now take great pride in catching fish, especially brown trout, which weigh up to 4.5 kilograms – 10 pounds in traditional fishing parlance.

The 70-cm-high trout caught near Hume’s dam wall had more than 40 redfin fish in its guts. (Supplied: Complete Angler Lavington)

Albury residents are enjoying a trophy catch after a particularly tough year of restrictions and closures at the border.

“It’s been a very tough time for people in lockdown and such so it’s a good little opportunity to escape,” said Mr. Drscoll.

However, there are restrictions on where hunters are allowed to throw rows.

Fishing within 130 meters of the dam’s hue wall face is prohibited, in a move to protect both the high fish density and dam wall infrastructure and fishermen.

A number of fishermen have been reported fishing in the lockdown area and face a $500 fine on the spot.

A destroyed fish in a tank with a red-finned baby next to it
There were 43 red fish in the guts of Trojan trout caught at the Hume Ware wall, downstream of the Murray River. (Supplied: Complete Angler Lavington Facebook)

Win insurance for mullet fishermen

Albury is in lockdown, which also means less competition for banks for a trophy fish.

The mullet people can go fishing and reach the dam and the Murray River downstream, but because the local government area was deemed a high-risk local government area by the Victorian government, many ardent fishermen from Wodonga and other parts of Victoria are not allowed to visit the area.

Completing Angler Lavington’s owner, Russell Mason, said the local lead fish, which has a triple hook and feathers, has been shown to be effective in turbulent waters below the wall, going far and deep enough to help snag the trophy fish.

DPI has a free app that provides recreational anglers with access to essential information, such as where to fish, an illustrated guide to common recreational species, bag and size limits, closed seasons, and gear rules.

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