Never forget the simplicity of fishing

One of my favorite stories contains a little something that I am neither a supporter of this day and age, nor my father; That is captured and released into grease. But you have to understand, it was a different day and age back then.

Kids didn’t get what they wanted, when they wanted it. They only get one pair of shoes, maybe once a year. Hand-me-downs was the name of the game where you can bet on what your new wardrobe will look like by looking at the clothes of your closest relatives.

Times were rough at the time for adults, but children hardly knew it, and only awoke in later years when they looked back at what their parents had to offer. But children are flexible. With their eager eyes, adversity is often seen as an opportunity if children are allowed to face a little of it now and then. This is how this story began.

My dad was a little boy at the time, maybe 7 or 8 years old. It was late but he wanted to go fishing. Although his mother did not have it, his grandfather was everything; He wanted my dad to go catch some fish to eat. So my dad did what kids do… he kept asking until he got a ‘yes’.

“If your mom says anything, I’ll tell her I sent you there for dinner,” the father remembers his grandfather saying. “I asked, Are you sure? But by the time he said ‘sure,’ I was already gone.”

My father rode his bike as fast as he could down a quarter of a mile down the road that separates his grandfather’s house from Mr. Hugh Webster’s old pond. The empty basket bounced in the front of his bike as he walked, full of hopes and dreams for the time being. However, Dad plans to change that soon.

“I shot a hula popper there before dark,” Dad said with memories flashing in his eyes as he made the sound of ancient high waters rising to the surface.

“Plop, plop. Plop, plop. Four pestle. Biggest fish caught at that time.”

Dad put the fish on a stringer and fixed it in the bank. He made a few fruitless moulds, then another 4 to 5 pestle.

“They were two big clowns,” Dad said. “I grabbed two or three more and threw them. Then put those first two in my basket and come home.”

His grandfather was surprised to see him again so soon and his father mentioned that the plan was for him to bring back dinner. My father told him to go out and see.

Jadad said, “Oh my God, great!” “Suzy! Come here and see what this boy did! ”

Dad was the hero that day as the family ate so well that night. A young boy stands tall with his chest held high and a fisherman is forever suspended in his quest to trick bass into biting off a piece of well-made wood, plastic and metal.

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