New Animal Crossing: New Horizons official soundtrack launches in June 2022

Soon fans of the series can own the physical version of some of their favorite songs as the Animal Crossing: New Horizons official soundtrack launches this summer.

This wouldn’t be the first soundtrack released for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In fact, Nintendo has already released a first volume in Japan last year, which you can find here.

However, that doesn’t mean everything has been released from the high popular game’s library of songs.

The full Animal Crossing: New Horizons official soundtrack launches June 22th, the second volume of the official soundtrack can be purchased and preorders for it are available now via our friends over at Play-Asia.

For $61.99, this pack will come with six discs (5 CD + 1 DVD) and 12 postcards with artwork based off of cover art of K.K. Slider’s long list of songs. Shown below is the description and track list for the soundtrack:

The long-awaited second soundtrack CD for Atsumare Animal Crossing fans! In the Nintendo SwitchTM “Atsumare: Animal Crossing”, players move to a deserted island and live a carefree life with animals. The last free update implemented in November 2021 last year contained a lot of content, and the second soundtrack CD was released amidst the renewed excitement among fans. This new CD contains the “Totakeke Music Live” (110 tracks), which was not included in the first CD released last June 2021, as well as the BGM added in the free update and the instrumental version of the Totakeke Music on 5 CDs.

Also included is a DVD containing “Totakeke music video” and “Radio Exercise,” both based on in-game footage. Includes 12 postcards with new Totakeke song cover art work designs and CD original radio excercise attendance card. Picture label (CD/DVD), tall size slip case Digi-pak. Contents: 4 Totakeke music live CDs. Free update additional sound sources (“Radio exercise”, “Kappei no Boat Song”, etc.) on 1 CD). Totakeke music video and Radio exercise choreography on DVD. *Songs from the additional paid content “Atsumare Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise” are not included.

Disc 1:
1. K.K. Cruisin’ (Live ver.)
2. Lucky K.K. (Live ver.)
3. Mountain Song (Live ver.)
4. Aloha K.K. (Live ver.)
5. Hypno K.K. (Live ver.)
6. Surfin’ K.K. (Live ver.)
7. K.K. Stroll (Live ver.)
8. Two Days Ago (Live ver.)
9. Only Me (Live ver.)
10. Pondering (Live ver.)
11. K.K. Birthday (Live ver.)
12. Bubblegum K.K. (Live ver.)
13. K.K. Safari (Live ver.)
14. K.K. Western (Live ver.)
15. K.K. Lament (Live ver.)
16. K.K. Rally (Live ver.)
17. K.K. Marathon (Live ver.)
18. K.K. Calypso (Live ver.)
19. K.K. Country (Live ver.)
20. K.K. Groove (Live ver.)
21. Agent K.K. (Live ver.)
22. Soulful K.K. (Live ver.)
23. K.K. Salsa (Live ver.)
24. K.K. Samba (Live ver.)
25. K.K. Chorale (Live ver.)
26. K.K. Jazz (Live ver.)
27. K.K. Chorinho (Live ver.)

Disc 2:
1. K.K. Jongara (Live ver.)
2. K.K. Swing (Live ver.)
3. K.K. Ska (Live ver.)
4. K.K. Slucky (Live ver.)
5. Mr. K.K. (Live ver.)
6. K.K. Soul (Live ver.)
7. K.K. Song (Live ver.)
8. King K.K. (Live ver.)
9. K.K. Dub (Live ver.)
10. K.K. Tango (Live ver.)
11. Imperial K.K. (Live ver.)
12. K.K. Dixie (Live ver.)
13. K.K. Disco (Live ver.)
14. K.K. Synth (Live ver.)
15. K.K. Étude (Live ver.)
16. K.K. Sonata (Live ver.)
17. K.K. Milonga (Live ver.)
18. Rockin’ K.K. (Live ver.)
19. K.K. House (Live ver.)
20. K.K. Bashment (Live ver.)
21. K.K. Ballad (Live ver.)
22. Café K.K. (Live ver.)
23. K.K. Adventure (Live ver.)
24. K.K. Parade (Live ver.)
25. K.K. Rockabilly (Live ver.)
26. K.K. Funk (Live ver.)

Disc 3:
1. K.K. Fuga (Live ver.)
2. K.K. Fusion (Live ver.)
3. K.K. Flamenco (Live ver.)
4. K.K. Blues (Live ver.)
5. K.K. Break (Live ver.)
6. K.K. Khoomei (Live ver.)
7. K.K. Bossa (Live ver.)
8. K.K. Hop (Live ver.)
9. K.K. Polka (Live ver.)
10. K.K. Moody (Live ver.)
11. K.K. March (Live ver.)
12. K.K. Oasis (Live ver.)
13. K.K. Aria (Live ver.)
14. K.K. Mambo (Live ver.)
15. K.K. Folk (Live ver.)
16. K.K. Metal (Live ver.)
17. K.K. Lovers (Live ver.)
18. K.K. Love Song (Live ver.)
19. K.K. Lullaby (Live ver.)
20. K.K. Reggae (Live ver.)
21. K.K. Robot Synth (Live ver.)
22. K.K. Rock (Live ver.)
23. K.K. Bazaar (Live ver.)
24. K.K. Waltz (Live ver.)
25. K.K. Steppe (Live ver.)
26. K.K. Dirge (Live ver.)
27. Farewell (Live ver.)
28. Comrade K.K. (Live ver.)
29. K.K. Mariachi (Live ver.)

Disc 4:
1. I Love You (Live ver.)
2. Chillwave (Live ver.)
3. K.K. Technopop (Live ver.)
4. K.K. Island (Live ver.)
5. Animal City (Live ver.)
6. Drivin’ (Live ver.)
7. K.K. D&B (Live ver.)
8. K.K. Casbah (Live ver.)
9. Neapolitan (Live ver.)
10. To the Edge (Live ver.)
11. Steep Hill (Live ver.)
12. K.K. Gumbo (Live ver.)
13. K.K. Faire (Live ver.)
14. Spring Blossoms (Live ver.)
15. Marine Song 2001 (Live ver.)
16. Stale Cupcakes (Live ver.)
17. K.K. Condor (Live ver.)
18. Wandering (Live ver.)
19. My Place (Live ver.)
20. Space K.K. (Live ver.)
21. Welcome Horizons (Live ver.)
22. Forest Life (Live ver.)
23. DJ K.K. (Live ver.)
24. Go K.K. Rider (Live ver.)
25. K.K. Ragtime (Live ver.)
26. Hazure01 (Live ver.)
27. Hazure02 (Live ver.)
28. Hazure03 (Live ver.)

Disc 5:
1. Cafe Pigeon Nest
2. Have a Coffee
3. Get Water
4. Gymnastics Radio
5. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 01
6. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 02
7. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 03
8. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 04
9. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 05
10. Kappei no Funauta Return 01
11. Kappei no Funauta Return 02
12. Kappei no Funauta Return 03
13. Kappei no Funauta Return 04
14. Kappei no Funauta Return 05
15. Harv’s Island Noon
16. Harv’s Island Evening
17. Katrina Fortune-telling
18. Cyrus Remake
19. K.K. Chorinho (Instrumental ver.)
20. K.K. Slucky (Instrumental ver.)
21. K.K. Dub (Instrumental ver.)
22. K.K. Bashment (Instrumental ver.)
23. K.K. Fuga (Instrumental ver.)
24. K.K. Break (Instrumental ver.)
25. K.K. Khoomei (Instrumental ver.)
26. K.K. Hop (Instrumental ver.)
27. K.K. Polka (Instrumental ver.)
28. K.K. Lovers (Instrumental ver.)
29. K.K. Robot Synth (Instrumental ver.)
30. Chillwave (Instrumental ver.)

Disc 6 (Special DVD)
1. Gymnastics Radio Spring ver.
2. Gymnastics Radio Summer ver.
3. Gymnastics Radio Autumn ver.
4. Gymnastics Radio Winter ver.
5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Original PV

Are you excited about this soundtrack? With over 30 million fans worldwide of the game, I imagine this will likely be a popular item.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here (we recommend it!)

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