Niabi Zoo announces the birth of two Amur leopard cubs | Local News

Two rare Amur leopard cubs have been born at Niabi Zoo.

The cubs, a male and a female, were the successful result of a planned pairing between Niabi’s male leopard, Jilin, and a female named Iona who arrived from Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens in Great Britain, according to a news release from the zoo.

Niabi Zoo was selected in 2019 by the Amur Leopard Species Survival planning group to participate in efforts to increase the population of the big cats, and received Iona on June 2.

Three cubs were born, but one of them died shortly after birth, the release states. The other two are healthy.

The Amur leopard is listed as critically endangered by the World Wildlife Federation, with fewer than 100 left in the world. The big cats are native to southeast Russia and northern China.

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Niabi Zoo Director Lee Jackson said the cubs could be on display as early as opening day on April 18, but that zoo staff will monitor the mother, Iona, and determine when it is appropriate to allow public viewing.

Jackson said the cubs will remain at the zoo for 18 to 24 months and then be transferred to other breeding facilities in the United States.

There have been no other reports of captive Amur leopards giving birth in 2022, the release states, with seven born in the United States in 2021.

Niabi did not specify the day the cubs were born, but one of the pictures provided by the zoo was dated March 4.


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