Nicola Sturgeon says partygate will impact council election

Nicola Sturgeon says the impact of the prime minister’s partygate fines and anti-SNP Twitter trolls in Angus is being felt by voters ahead of the council election.

It is now just days to go until Scotland heads to the polls for the local council elections on May 5.

The first minister was out in the SNP campaign bus in Arbroath on Monday, and said the party has every reason to have a “big spring in its step” in Angus.

She also claimed scandals at “all levels” of the Conservative Party are having an impact on how people on the doorsteps will vote.

People want integrity in the council

The prime minister is still facing calls to resign after receiving a fine from the Met Police for a party held in Number 10 during the coronavirus lockdown.

And the Scottish Conservatives have said they are sticking by Angus candidate Derek Wann, who The Courier unveiled as behind the Lady Whistledown anti-SNP account on social media.

Ms Sturgeon believes these issues, even at a national level, will affect how people vote in Thursday’s election.

Tories rejected the SNP leader’s comments and insisted the party is “going to have a good result”.

Nicola Sturgeon

Speaking to us during her visit to Arbroath, Ms Sturgeon said: “People want to know there is integrity in the council and in the government.

“When it comes to the Conservatives at all levels people, are seeing a lack of integrity, coming from the prime minister who evidently misled parliament over partygate and by sticking to a candidate whose behavior shows a contempt for local voters.

“The lack of integrity in the Conservatives’ campaign is something people care about”

‘Big spring in our step’ in Angus

Ms Sturgeon earlier claimed there needs to be “new leadership” and “fresh thinking” at the helm of Angus Council – and is confident the SNP will do well in the region on Thursday.

Nicola Sturgeon meets a young fan while out in Arbroath

She said: “There is an appetite here to send the Tories a message about partygate and their inaction so far in addressing the cost of living crisis.

“The SNP has got a very strong and proud record in Angus and we have every reason to have a big spring in our step.”

While Ms Sturgeon outlined her confidence, Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross insists his party is “going to have a good result” on Thursday.

And the Conservatives’ local government spokesman Miles Briggs MSP [email protected]: “It’s little wonder that Nicola Sturgeon is desperate to switch the focus of this election away from local services, because her SNP government’s record is so poor.

“Years of savage SNP funding cuts to local government have left councils across Scotland, including Angus, struggling to deliver the core services they’re expected to.

“But the public know what Thursday’s election is about – and who is ultimately to blame for the state of their roads, schools, bin collections and library closures, as well as council tax rises.”

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 5 May and counts will begin on Friday morning.

Scottish local council elections 2022: Everything you need to know

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[Nicola Sturgeon says partygate will impact council election voters]


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