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I tried to count the motorbikes at Leon’s Garage Thursday night during this year’s second bike night, but by the time I started counting, I had already tossed a world drink, a margarita, and another drink that I thought was called My Redeemer living in my neck, so maybe my final number Have stopped by several hundred bikes and/or people.

But anyway, Thursday Night Bike at Lion Garage was an unqualified, exhilarating success, which is what happened with a legion of bikers and juniors from all over central Ohio who descend on the northwest corner of the 5th and Oak to enjoy adult drinks of every kind, a A real experience. – Live rock ‘n’ roll show from Hot Lucy (who featured in “Never Be Fooled Again” without an instrument and shoot it out of the park), take advantage of a variety of giveaways, and win chances to win some big prizes (think motorbikes and road trips to Sturgis) and the opportunity to raise funds for our IMPACT60.

Q-FM96 (officially known to the Federal Communications Commission as WLVQ-FM 96.3, but no fan of wool-dyed classic rock ‘n’ roll from central Ohio) sponsors Thursday nights for bikes, and for the latter several years ago various venues were used for events. But, finally, Q-FM96 and Bike Night have now found a permanent home, Leon’s House, which includes a new indoor theater and several rooms with much more space as they continue to make renovations to the front of the house.

Q-FM96’s Kristi Kemper, who has been part of Q-FM96 for the 31 years of its 45-year existence, has been the manager of Bike Nights for years and is pleased that they now have a home to ride and catch. Gatherings and laying rubber for roads for various motorcycle clubs and charities every Thursday. Now that they have an indoor theater, Ms. Kimber said, “bike nights” and money raised by MC Clubs that sponsor charities like Veterans Services and Breast Cancer Research, can go on every Thursday, rainy or sunny. With live bands. And real American fare. And artisan drinks on tap. Next door is a rack filled with world-class bourbon (and other strong brews) at House of Spirits.

Welcome home, Thursday Night Bike.

But it didn’t stop there, at least it didn’t stop last night. After owner Rick Crago finally got all the staff and customers on board in the early hours of this morning, another big Central Ohio radio station, WCOL (92.3 on FM Radio Disc) brought in a Wake-UP Call to set up broadcast from Lyon’s garage at 5: 30 this morning. However, they did bring a buffet, a lot more chances to win some hard-working prizes (four words: Luke Bryan in Vegas), 100 T-shirts that disappeared in the first 45 minutes, their own brand of freaks and a huge following of their own – Mr. Krago said there were 30 people waiting in line when he got there at 5:30 a.m. – who hit the buffet and were throwing out Bloody Marys and mimosas left and right until the show stopped at 10 a.m.

Dan Zuko, who makes up a third of a Wake-Up Call trio with Kayla Hanley and Dylan (who seems to be pretty famous and only needs one name), said this morning’s broadcast of Leon’s was just the beginning of a “world tour” that they’ll be taking their show to places Far as the wilds of Grove City.

Dan Zuko talks about Leon

Zuko said that WCOL’s The Wake-Up Call, given today’s turnout and enthusiasm of attendees, may reappear at Leon’s this summer, with details being worked out now (people have to call their people, who have people, who have people to call them etc) but Thursday Bike Nights are here to stay all summer with the big prizes – the 2022 Rebel donated by Honda Motorsports, a road trip for two to the Sturgis Rally with 2,500 clams in your Jeep to spend on maneuvers or pin lines, both It will be awarded in September. in Lyon. On a Thursday night by bike.

This fact puts a big smile on Mrs. Kemper’s face. Just as she said earlier this week, now that Bike Night has permanent accommodations, you “have no excuses” not to get out, support your local teams and businesses, and step in for a good cause. Good deal all around.

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