Nikola Jokic was surprised by the NBA MVP in Serbia in the stable

This may be the first.

Denver Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic received his second consecutive NBA MVP award from the stables in his home country of Serbia.

The 27-year-old was returning to the stables after belt races when he was surprised by his family and the Nuggets staff, including coach Mike Malone, head coach Josh Kroenke and chief basketball operations Tim Connelly, to present him with the 2021-22 NBA MVP Award.

“I will go back to the record books to double-check this and make sure, but I think this is the first time in NBA history that the KIA MVP honor has been awarded in a Serbian stable,” Tell Ernie Johnson Jokic Wednesday in “Inside the NBA” on TNT.

“It was a really emotional moment for me, of course,” Djokic said, expressing gratitude for flying the Nuggets to his native Serbia. Meanwhile, a horse was standing over his right shoulder during the interview.

When asked what it means to win back-to-back MVP awards for him, Jokic said, “Now I don’t think about it, but maybe when I’m old, fat and grumpy, I hope I’ll remember and tell the kids, ‘In the past days I was really good at playing basketball. ‘ He said. ‘Everyone knows I’m the same guy and I hope to stay the same after that.’

Jokic later said he was not a “flashy” guy and was interrupted by his dog making mysterious noises. “Oh, the dog is dying over there,” he joked while Johnson laughed. Don’t worry, Jokic confirmed that the dog was fine seconds later.

Djokic began to cry as he exchanged hugs and handshakes with loved ones, including his wife Natalia Macic and their baby girl, whom they welcomed last September.

His family and the Nuggets staff were wearing matching T-shirts bearing the Joker symbol, which read: “Some people want to see you fail. Disappoint them.”

Malone said the surprise revelation was an emotional moment for everyone involved.

“He went off track, wasn’t expecting any of this and saw…everyone who loves and cares about him was a moment I’ll never forget,” Malone said, While standing with his arm around Jokic. “He was really humbled by the love and support from everyone who is here today.

Nikola Jokic receives the NBA Player of the Year award at the stables in Serbia.

Jokic averaged 27.1 points per game, 13.8 rebounds, and 7.9 assists during the regular season. He was the driving force that propelled the Nuggets past the season without points guard Jamal Murray and striker Michael Porter Jr. Denver was eliminated by the Warriors in five first-round series games.

The Serbian star spends the NBA offseason in his home country, where he lives a private life with his wife and daughter. When he’s not on the court, Jokic is racing, which he said is his passion.

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