North State Fishing Report for the Week of May 13 – Oroville Mercury-Register

Lake Oroville: Bass fishing remains great with interactive baits consisting of G-Ratt Snake Bites or River2Sea Swavers in the morning when the fish are shallow and aggressive. Ingenuity performances on bass union arrow head, football head dances, 3/16y-Agon Neko Rig or Z-Man’s TRD on 3/16y A Bass Union Ned head at depths of about 15 feet is also effective. King salmon is still a long way off, and prospects are not encouraging for this season. Loafer Creek is the best launch, but Spillway is unlocked again with 6-7 fairways and plenty of parking. The Lime Saddle launch is another option as there is plenty of access to the lake. The lake rose to 55 percent.

Lake Shasta: The bass bite remains very good with the males protecting the family and the females holding close to shore or sailing up to feet deep. Working in shallow waters along coasts with any plastic object, glider or wakebaits is most effective in combination with bridge posts, rocky points and cliffs. Kokanee is reported to be over 15 inches long, and this fish is fatty and healthy. The lake has the potential to produce the largest kokani in the lake this year due to the excellent exposure to sunlight and heavy vegetation by DFW for the past three years. The trout bite is still very good for the Optimizer Jr’s Silver Blue angler surface fishing. at 3.5 mph to 15 feet. There was a good bite of the morning water after spawning. The lake is 40 percent.

Trinity River, Willow Creek: Flows began to stabilize in the lower Trinity area after rain over the weekend. Hunting conditions aren’t great, but they should continue to improve this week. Excess water increased the chances of fry and eggs to sail safely on their way down the river. As of Sunday, flows were 5,200 cubic feet on the Hoopa scale.

American River / Over Folsom: Flows have decreased from 2,692 to 1,881 cubic feet in Chile Bar, and the water level is perfect. There is confusion about the opening day of bait fishing in Upper America, but it is the Saturday before Memorial Day. Until then, fly-fishing and bait-free fishing remain the best with small presentations in clear waters for both fly hunters and those who cast bait.

American River / Sacramento: Shad moved and spread among Watt Ave. and Paradise Beach for fishermen using Shad darts. Good numbers are found near the mouth of the American River near Discovery Park, downstream between Miller Regional Park and Sacramento, and near the Freeport Bridge taken on 1-inch bench shad darts. The choppy action was hit and miss as both the bottom streamers and fresh fish moved through the system. Streams are 1043 cfs at Fair Oaks.

irrigation river: The strips should still be scattered throughout the river, but most are now post-breeding and fewer and fewer fresh fish are moving into the system. G-Ratt Sneaky Pete slip baits were more effective as were the very large minnows. Streams in Gridley are currently 1119 cfs.

Sacramento River, Keswick Reservoir to Red Bluff: The wild rainbow trout is still very well caught in spite of strong winds. Drift boats fishing from the bottom of Interstate 44 to Red Bluff continue to report fish between 18 to 22 inches. The Fly Shop in Redding reported decent catch all day with most fish still catching PMD, rubber legs or nymphs under a pointer. Flows down Keswick are constant at 3,350 cubic feet.

Sacramento River from Colusa to Tisdale: Planned bass activity has slowed this week because many fish in the area are after breeding. It is possible that the lower flows limit the fresh fish to the lower river. Rob Reimers, Rustic Rob’s guide service reported slower movement with high winds that kept many anglers out of the water, but he was able to post four bounds of jumbo drift minnows on Sunday. Water temperatures have remained stable in the 50-degree average range and may lengthen the season, but fewer fresh fish are now appearing. The river dropped from 4,718 to 3,997 feet in Colusa.

Sacramento River, metro area: Dennis Fanner of Sacramento Pro-Tackle in Sacramento reported a much slower zigzag bite, but the fresh and lower streamers still moved across the area. Slipping baits up to 5 inches in shade or trout patterns, trolling, casting, live drifting bait, or soaking cut baits all work.

This weekly fishing report, compiled by Western Outdoor News, highlights the northern state’s best fishing opportunities.

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