Oakland News A: Opinions on Draft A anthology from all over baseball

It’s the weekend, Nation Athletics!

We’re now far from the excitement of the draft and the All-Star game, and things are starting to get back to normal. Before most fans forget the names of the high recruiting picks for a few years, we can take another look at some of the A’s picks, both high and low, that critics have something to say about them.

Athletic player Steve Berman highlights the second round Henry Bolt. A defensive player with a high ceiling, he has the potential to be a big striker in the squad one day. But Berman points out that Bolte’s profile doesn’t match up with a lot of A’s picks. While he can hit and run, Bolte’s potential lies in the ability of the A farm system to help develop his tools as much as the Bolte himself.

ESPN’s Kelly McDaniel summarized the A-draft in its entirety. While he was more low on the first round pick Daniel Susak, McDaniel gives insight into later picks. Fourth pick of the round Jacob Waters Gets companies up to 2020 second round Jeff Cresswell who is currently in Double-A Midland, with the caveat that Watters may be a key player rather than having the rewards to be a key player in the league.

Finally, FanGraphs’ Eric Longenhagen considered the late-round picks and called up the sixth-round pick. Brennan Mellon And the seventh round selection Yell Laboy As players they have the ability to stay in the hot corner if things go right.

There’s always a lot of post-draft hype about whether teams are seeking shots, or whether scouts have been duped by doing well for a single game, but the only way we’ll know for sure is to keep an eye on those picks in minors and see how they’re out.

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