Object libraries lend unusual items to patrons with a library card

Attention ghost busters.

Do you sometimes hear strange noises or make things in your home clatter at night? Have you seen someone walking around in the dark when no one is around?

A ghost counter may help with that.

Do you want to pan for gold or go camping for the first time? Have you always wanted to try your hand at mud throwing? Sewing may be your style. Do you love preparing family dinners and creating new recipes but not sure you want to take advantage of the latest gadgets? Do you need a special tool to fix something in your home?

Searching for ghosts?  You can check out a ghost counter - similar to this - at your local library.

Your local library may have something for that.

Libraries of things are popping up all over Massachusetts, and they’re filled with all kinds of items you can borrow.

All you need is a valid library card and the ability to pick up and return an item.

We’ve rounded up a few around the state, but your local library may also have “something” you can borrow.

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