Onyx Outfitters helps travelers by simplifying their travel experience with quality travel accessories

The Seattle-based travel accessory brand offers organizer bags, toiletry bags, passport holders and more

Being a travel enthusiast, the owners of the Onyx Outfitters travel accessory brand know firsthand the importance of having reliable item holders on trips. The leading couple traveled through the United States and many countries around the world. According to them, it was their adventures that inspired the same products they now offer to other travelers like them.

“Our work definitely comes from our passion for travel,” the owners said. “Through our merchandise, we are able to contribute to the travel community. We strive to simplify travel so people can go out and explore with more convenience.”

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Onyx Outfitters offers quality travel accessories designed to help customers stay organized while they travel. The company offers a variety of products including organizer bags, passport holders, and even a printable travel planner.

Each element of the store’s collection is clearly designed for people who are often on the go. For example, organizer bags have compact designs that make it easy to fit into luggage or backpacks.

With a combination of elegant appearance and well-thought-out functionality, these accessories have earned an abundance of positive reviews from buyers.

“The perfect toiletry bag!” Krystal Johnson recently purchased an Onyx Outfitters organizer bag. “I’ve been looking to ramp up my makeup and toiletries when I travel and this design is perfect!”

Many customers also attest to the company’s outstanding customer service. One review states, “Amazing customer service and very fast shipping! I forgot to include my apartment number, and they are upset with my package. The item came in a nice woven bag, great quality.”

On the Etsy store, Onyx Outfitters has successfully maintained star seller status. This title shows that the company has a proven track record of delivering high quality products and exceeding customer expectations. To date, Onyx Outfitters have made over 1,500 sales on Etsy alone.

In addition to the list of awards, the company has also been featured in Do It Yourself magazine.

More information on Onyx Outfitters and their travel accessories can be found on their website, http://www.onyxnw.com/. Interested customers can also follow the company’s Instagram account, @onyxoutfittersnw where the Onyx Outfitters team shares new products and other updates.

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