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By Lynn Burhead, for Herald Democrat


During May 14 – Spring season in East Texas (including Grayson, Fannin, and Lamar counties).

During May 15th – Turkey Spring season in North Texas region.

During May 16 – Turkish Spring season in Oklahoma.

May 14 – Future Bass Trails Championships from Alberta Creek. For information, call Joe Copeland at (580) 504-7320 or visit the website at www.futurebasstrails.com.

May 19-22 – Simms Bassmaster Elite Series at Lake Fork. For information, visit www.bassmaster.com.

May 20 – Application deadline for ODWC Controlled Hunts. For information, visit www.wildlifedepartment.com.

June 7 – Monthly meeting of the Red River Fly Fishers at Rec Hall in Eisenhower State Park. For information, including night speaker and flight link schedule information, visit www.rrff.org.

June 25 – Future Bass Trails Championships outside Alberta Creek. For information, call Joe Copeland at (580) 504-7320 or visit the website at www.futurebasstrails.com.


The Bassmaster Elite Series is coming to town next week with the Simms Bassmaster Elite Series event arriving in Quitman and Emory, Texas for another round on Lake Fork. The May 19-22 event kicks off next Thursday and will find professionals seeking answers on a lake about five and a half feet below normal thanks to recent repair work at the dam. For event information, visit www.Bassmaster.com… TPWD says recreational angler private red snapper season in federal waters will open soon, Wednesday, June 1, 2022. The agency notes in a press release that red snapper fishing is open year-round. in state waters. Bag and size limits will remain unchanged this year according to TPWD, which states that regulations are two fish per person per day for a minimum size of 16 inches in federal waters, and four fish per person per day for a minimum of 15 inches in state waters. TPWD also notes that red snapper caught in federal waters are part of the state’s four-fish bag limit. You may have no more than two red snappers in federal waters and four red snappers in state waters while hunting. For more information, visit www.tpwd.texas.gov…

fishing reports

The spring turkey season is ending soon in the local forest as the 2022 season ends in the next several days. For Grayson, Fannin, and Lamar counties, the 2022 eastern turkey staging season will end on May 14 of this year… The next day on May 15, the North Texas area of ​​the Rio Grande theme park will be closed for the spring season. It will follow on May 16th near the end of spring turkey season in Oklahoma…to get that last long beard, focus more on being in the right area and being patient rather than relying on heavy contact…

fishing reports

In Lake Texoma, John Blassingame, Adventure Texoma Outdoors guide, tells TPWD that the water is stained; The water temperature is 69 degrees. And the lake is 0.62 feet low. Blasingame says top water bite is on for striped bass on the 89,000-acre reservoir. He said that the banks with egrets produce larger fish, and that the north and west end of the lake hold box-sized fish. “The board bite has begun, but our equipment from swimbait and Alabama platforms is still working. Recent rains have muddied the waters near river entrances, forcing fish out of the river system. Shad spawns around boat houses,” Blassingame said. The crappie is over and the fish are moving back to the main lake at the creek’s entrances.Catfish on the rocky hull is also fine according to some reports…In Ray Roberts Lake, TPWD reports that the water is a little muddy; the water temperature is 68 degrees; and the lake is 1.18 feet above Normal range The agency says blue and channel catfish are suitable for cut bait and shallow bait caught on points where the wind is blowing Crappie is good at dancing, piles of minnows caught in submerged hull and main lake brush piles Largemouth bass is good for shallow water anglers who search on rocky shores and grass lines while using flukes, dances and jerkypets.White bass good under the birds for anglers using boards and jumping spoons…at Lake Fork, the site of the Simms Bass Championship master Elite Series May 19-22, water stained; The water temperature is 73 degrees. The lake is 5.42 feet high as repair work on the dam continues. As Elite Series pros hit town, guides Jason Hoffman and Marc Mitchell tell TPWD that bass is good in stormy spots in 1-3 feet of water with square-shaped cranks, spinnerbits, and Chatterbaits all working in shades as the shadows continue to spawn. Shaker heads are also good around larger woods and are good in 3-5 feet of water for those using ultra-fine worms. Mardi Gras shots are also good around wood with little straight-tailed worms being the ticket. Carolina-rigs pads are good at points and minor points with lizards in pumpkin green… Lake Fork crappie guide Jacky Wiggins tells TPWD that “Lake Fork crappie appears to be nearing the end of their spawn. White crappie in less than 10 feet of water. Started In seeing black crappie pile up on the rolls, as they will during the post-spawn and summer pattern.Brush mounds and deep trees are also starting to produce better this week, but will continue to improve as summer approaches.The best depths seem to be 10-23 feet with Black crappie rises in the trees and white crappie is closer to the bottom. Minnows and hand-tied jigs make a really good product, but plastic will work.”… On the Texas Gulf Coast in Port Aransas, Captain Doug Stanford of Pirates of the Bay Fishing Charters tells TPWD that “Redfish are good at Redfish Bay and ICW using mullet cut and minced. Trout is good with live shrimp under a cork stopper, and a fresh cut lady finger.”

Tip of the Week: Looking forward to the fall fishing seasons across Oklahoma? Then remember that the application period for ODWC Controlled Fishing is down and running, from April 1 through May 20 this year. To apply as the 2022 deadline approaches later this month, visit the ODWC website at https://www.wildlifedepartment.com/hunting/controlledhunts

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