Owner says creation of Belle Vista venue off Lake Palestine ‘God thing’

FLINT, Texas (KLTV) – Dan Crouch, the owner of the Belle Vista venue located off Lake Palestine, said the way that the life-giving property where marriages come together, and families make memories came together was orchestrated by God.

Crouch hopes to build a restaurant on top of a hill overlooking the property’s private beach.

“It’s a God thing, and there are no coincidences in the world of God,” Crouch said.

A series of events led to the creation of Belle Vista.

About 45 years ago, Crouch’s dad had a cabin on the piece of property where a white wedding gazebo currently stands. As a kid, Crouch remembers spending a lot of time out on the lake skiing and enjoying the property. His dad’s friend, Fred, owned the property and had a house where a rock patio seating area is now.

Fred’s dream was to have an RV park on the property, and in the late 80s when he was about halfway through with that vision, he got cancer and got really sick.

On his death bed, Fred told Crouch’s dad that he only owed $70,000 on the property with a bank in East Texas called Rose Capital Bank, and Frank wanted Crouch’s dad to take over ownership of the property.

During that time in the late 80s, many banks in East Texas failed, including Rose Capital Bank, which had been taken over by the FDIC.

Garner Ted Armstrong’s worldwide ministry purchased the property and asked Crouch’s dad and family to move the cabin off the property, which they did.

Later, RW Schambach purchased the property for his ministry before he died in 2012.

Having a history with the property, Crouch immediately purchased the property back after 45 years.

“It’s still a ministry today; we’re just taking a different approach,” Crouch said.

The vision for the property is to create a place for families to come and enjoy the lake, spend time together, and take time to recognize how important their lives are.

Today, the property hosts a wedding venue, a private beach, and a vacation rental.

After purchasing the property, he realized that an area of ​​the lake shore, which was covered in vegetation and trash, had a natural sand bottom to it. He had discovered a hidden beach!

He hopes to start construction of The Oasis, which is a restaurant originally based in Austin, at the top of the hill overlooking the lake sometime next year.

Pictured is the private beach at the Belle Vista venue. (Source: KLTV Staff)(KLTV Staff)

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