Palisades State Park turns 50. What is in store for the next fifty years?

Hidden in vast fields of corn and soybeans, Palisades State Park is 30 minutes outside of Sioux Falls.

Sioux quartzite formations make the park popular with rock climbers. Access to Split Rock Creek means those who want to fish or relax by swimming can do so. Families can stroll along the 4 miles of the trail and enjoy picnics.

It is a popular destination for weddings, family reunions, engagements, and selfies, and 50 years after its inception, it is about to grow even more. Work is underway on an expansion project of a few hundred acres, announced in 2019, that will add more camping areas, picnic areas, and recreational activities.

While the rock formations have been around for more than a billion years, Palisades celebrated its 50th anniversary as a South Dakota state park on Saturday.

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